Walking Like a Star on Hollywood Boulevard

Hooray! Hollywood is the perfect place to be for any star and for you too! Glamour, style, celebrities and a walk of fame on the Hollywood boulevard describe this outstanding and beautiful American city. You may even bump into your favorite actors, so don’t forget to take a few shots.

Many of us want to have the chance to visit Hollywood at least once in this life, while others are lucky enough to get there and be part of this amazing place in America. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to see where the world’s greatest entertainment industry was born. Exciting place with lots of famous celebrities, as well as tourists that come every year, often from far off locations. Hollywood is also called the city of movies, so mark the Universal Studios on your journey or Kodak Theater, the place where the annual Oscar show  announces its final winners.

If you decided to visit Hollywood this year, here is a list of locations you shouldn’t miss. Keep in mind that there’s dozens of things to do in Hollywood, so prioritizing and see what’s the most important attractions can become a real challenge for most of you. So, let’s see a few places to visit once you got there.

  • A trip to Hollywood and its must see attractions isn’t complete without visiting the famous Hollywood Boulevard, a place where you’ll surely feel the Americans’ fussy lifestyle, crowded locations with skyscrapers. Here is always a lot of buzz with live performances or street foods and you can also see the popular Wax Museum or Kodak Theater.
  • Hollywood sign is the city’s symbol and a great representation of Hollywood, being located in Los Angeles, California and situated atop of the Mount Lee. It can be seen from anyplace in LA, as well as from airplanes passing over it. After 1970, the sign suffered several deterioration and a new restoration was required.  Each letter of Hollywood word represents the name of a movie or singer, producer or other important star.
  • As we mentioned from the beginning, a walk to the Universal Studio will have a big impact on your American journey, as it is one of the largest theme parks and movie studio. You’ll be surprised to find many restaurants, bars, shops, as well as the famous Jurassic Park. It is a wonderful place to spend quality time with your friends and family.
  • Enter in a wonderful place by visiting the Magic Castle that is home to the Academy of Magical Arts and its guests, appearing as an organization or private club house devoted to the progress of old art of magic.
  • Hollywood Wax Museum is an attraction that tourists can’t miss in Hollywood, because is the perfect place to see all your favorite stars. The Museum challenges its visitors with a “Scary” section that let everyone choose whether they want to go in or not.

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