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Every business owner should exercise its writing skill during their travel journey too. Whether you are managing a small or big company, doing diverse writing tasks such as: updating your personal blog, responding to newsletters and campaign emails from other clients or even being present on social media channels, it is important practice the writing.

No matter where your travel destination is or the period that you’ll be gone from your business, the technology will help every business owner to stay in touch with every responsibility away from home. Have you got your laptop or tablet with you? All you need is a free hot spot that will facilitate your connection to email services or other databases, so you can do your job.

M. Shannon Hernandez, the author of The Writing Whisperer and contributor to Huffingtonpost online magazine has shared several useful and interesting writing ideas for business people when they are traveling around the world.

  • Use technology and automate any possible writing tasks before you go on that travel destination planned for a while
  • Make a plan about your writing goals while on the go. Try to be realistic and decide what you can or can’t do while you are gone.
  • Does the company’s blog needs new updates or posts that must be published on a regular basis? Check out the publishing features and schedule that content in advance.
  • Remember that traveling is a great opportunity to come up with new ideas, write fresh content or improve the current blog’s interface with another one, as well as developing a new business plan. You’ll be surprised how many things you can accomplish while being in a plane, bus, train or any other transportation
  • Try to use a voice recording device on your smartphone to capture new thoughts or ideas while on the go
  • Probably the most essential thing to do while traveling is to check the internet connectivity and see if everything is set to function properly; or you need other electronic devices.
  • Keep your families, friends or other persons informed about your writing periods during the travel and require quiet times to focus on your work.
  • Allocate a period of time for all your writing tasks, so you can enjoy your vacation. You have come for relaxing moments after all, so you should get the best out of it.
  • Maybe you should set up a workstation to be more productive and efficient and focus on all important duties. Thus, you’ll finish the work just in time for having fun with your family and friends.

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