Useful tips to be a green traveller during eco destination

eco tourism

While many tourists prefer to spend their vacation in a big city and a popular travel destination, others want to escape from crowded places, seeking more green and quiet spots with impressive landscapes, great entertainment activities and memorable moments.

For the last years, eco destinations have become a top destination for many persons, due to its green areas, with no pollution, fresh air, wildlife and adventure. Countries like Costa Rica, Chile or Venezuela are making efforts to conserve their natural wealth, culture or wildlife. Therefore, if you want to help the nature by contributing to its change, the best thing to do is to be an eco-conscious traveler.

In order to make your next vacation worth it, here is a list with several useful tips to be and act as a green tourist:

1. Make sure to choose the right destination, by doing a research before. Remember that it’s a difference between wildlife tourism and eco tourism, so check out various specialized websites and forums before booking a specific destination.

2. Have a local thinking by adapting your style in that place with its habits. For example, choose to purchase food at local farmers and other products situated at local groceries.

3. Choose a green hotel by looking for those lodges and other accommodations with a special green certification.  Once again, a good research on the internet is useful, so you can find out useful details, contact them to see if there’s availability for that period and see different reviews from other visitors. If you have relatives or friends that have stayed in a similar place, feel free to ask for details.

4. It is also recommended to rent a smaller car during your journey, because it uses less gas. Another excellent alternative would be to opt for a hybrid vehicle or eco bicycle to reduce the carbon footprint.

5. Try to have alternative energy certificates, as a great way to travel greener. It is indicated to buy wind certificates that are more eco friendly and produce less pollution than the traditional ones. The best thing to do is to verify at airports for further details.

6. Respect the nature and do all the best to follow various instructions. No matter what destination you choose, it is very important to protect the nature, because many areas are protected by different institutions. Many eco destinations have a natural and rich diversity with fauna, animals combined with colorful and beautiful landscapes. Papua New Guinea is one of these locations, an island country with great spots for snorkeling.

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