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Probably you like to travel a lot or, by different circumstances, you have to be always on the road, venting out into the world with your all-important smartphone or tablet. This handy gadget has become everybody’s best friend, an useful resource that will provide all required info while you are on the go.

Worrying about your next next travel destination? Not anymore, because with these free and useful apps for travel, your problems will be immediately solved. This is actually what all travel apps have in common: they get to solve your issue in short time. And here goes the advantage of being connected and friendly with high technology.

Useful, innovative and intuitive, there are lots of travel apps out there, apps that change and make our lives easier and provide useful info, directions about certain places and everything else you need. In a world of smartphones, apps are like guiding friends, always ready to share and offer whatever travel info you need. Here is a list with some of the free travel apps, both available for Android and iOS operating systems.

  • Trip IT, your travel agent

Each time you go on a travel tip, it is indicated to have a sort of a travel agent to rely on when confronting with different problems. Trip IT app will help you be organized and create plus plan a new trip with all required details. You can actually customized the itinerary manually or with the help of Trip IT app.

  • Weather + Free

With a simple and user-friendly interface, this app will offer info in English about the weather’s conditions in many countries. It will show info about the local time, weather, temperature, humidity, wind speed and other key factors related to the meteorology before going out.

  • Goby

If sort of an event guru, a very useful app that will provide everything you need to know about museums, hotels, concerts and other relevant events from the city you are staying in. Any question you have, ask Goby and will help you with anything in the located area.

  • Free Wi-Fi Finder

Sometimes you can even bear up a couple of hours without access to the Internet, so this Finder app can be your best friend, because it will show you the points where you can find free Wi-Fi connections in the urban areas. It is a simple way of doing it; whether you search with a directory or you simply enable the Wi-Fi scanner to find the nearest Wi-Fi locations.

  • GasBuddy

This app is perfect for road trippers, as it locates the nearest gas stations plus pricing details. GasBuddy is especially useful for those running out of gas while they are on the go.

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