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There’s a technological world out there and we become, everyday, more and more digital and tech savvy. We are surrounding by gadgets, some of them so advanced and packed with lots of facilities for human beings. There are apps for each area, even for the travel world.

If you need to go in a last-minute travel, an internet connection as well as a smartphone are two must have things that will make your journey a lot easier. The apps below will help travelers to deal with their last-minute travel, without making to many plans in advance. Maybe you are taking a last minute city break or you need to attend a business meeting in another country, so which solution can be more appropriate than a list of useful and guiding travel apps?

Most of these apps are available for free and are available for both Android and iOS platforms.

1. Twitter is a free app, available for the major platforms: BlackBerry, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It is a very popular tool, also known as a micro blogging, the right place to find out fresh news in real time. Travel many not precisely be associated with Twitter, but it is a great way to find useful tips when you are on the go. There are many travel companies with a Twitter account that post info about flights, airlines, specific destinations and more. For instance,  TripTwit is a great app that can find the best flight deals of the day.

2. Last Minute Travel is an app available for both Android and iOS and can provide recommendations for the last moment regarding booking for flights, hotels and ideas about different touring activities. The booking process is a simple one, following three easy steps, as well as useful info about prices, stops, a specific airline or map with the location of a hotel.

3. To me more specific, it is even a very useful app for those who arrived in a location and need a hotel to spend the night. It is called Hotel Tonight and the app is free for both Android and iOS. Its goal is to find and offer alternatives for hotels to sleep once you arrived in a city. Users can book a room for one or more nights directly from this app installed on their smartphone. Moreover, it gives details about accommodations in more than 80 cities around several countries, but with a certain limitation.

4. Next Flight is a paid app that costs $3 and can be found on Android, Windows Phone and iOS. It can be a very useful app, especially for those that are in need to find a flight quickly. This app provides the newest info about flights, including destination or date, and generates a list of all flights available for the required location.

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