Upcoming European Summer Music Festivals in 2013


Everybody knows that summer is the perfect timing for lots of music festivals. You can choose your music genre, because many festivals are themed from electronic, folk, christian music to rock concerts, electronic or even hardcore such as punk or metal to satisfy all tastes. Music festivals are the best way for everyone to express their love for concerts, manifest their passion for a singer or band and have a lot of fun with your friends.

If you are wondering which are the hottest upcoming European music festivals this summer, we have a list with some of the most important concerts.

  • Sonar Festival, Barcelona takes place during 13th and 15th June and is considered to be the pioneer for electronic music happening in Spain. The festival itself has its uniqueness in terms of content and format and gathers annually thousands of electronic music enthusiasts, as they come to see a great show with the most consolidated artists and trends in this genre. Sonar’s program is divided between two activities in day and night with its specific elements.
  • NorthSide Festival, Denmark is a three day event, starting on 14th June and ending in 17th June, held near Aarhus, Denmark and focuses on music, innovation an user involvement. No camping is offered, so you’ll have to find accommodation in the city of Aarhus. Bands like Garbage, Snow Petrol or The Stone Roses have performed in the previous concerts.
  • Hurricane Festival, Germany is a dedicated rock festival that starts on 21st June and ends on 23rd June. The festival is actually held in Scheessel city and is a well-known German rock festival with big names and great times. Naming Rammstein or Queens of the stone age to have an idea about the bands that will create a memorable atmosphere.
  • If you can’t get to Germany, maybe you are interested about the Rock for People event in Czech Republic, which is one of the most popular outdoor events in the area. It offers high quality music and a friendly atmosphere for all tourists coming to see bands like Parov Stelar Band, Papa Roach or Queen of the stone age plus others to be announced. The festival will take place in Festival park near Hradec Kralove, 100km near the capital, Prague between 2nd July and 5th July.
  •  Exit fest,  Serbia offers four days of epic music with big name bands such as The White Strippers, Fatboy Slim, Many Street Preechers and more. It is held between 11th July and 13th July in the Petrovaradin Fortress of Novi Sad.
  • Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary is a pop/rock fans music festival and a popular summer festival that takes place every early August, between 5-12th on a special island in the middle of a river. Hundreds of musical acts and attendees are expected during one week and a great atmosphere for music fans.

Keep in mind that many other music festivals take place this summer in Europe and a complete list can be found here.

Image credit: Europemusicfestivals.com

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