Tricks to Avoid Boredom on Long Trips

Do you know that saying life’s a journey, not a destination? Well, a trip is all about the destination and rarely about the journey. Sure, there are many interesting sights to admire while driving somewhere, but you usually can’t wait to get there and have your vacation start, especially when getting there seems to take forever. Car rides longer than 8 hours will completely drain you and your passengers of energy and the boredom will kill the mood 3 hours into the car ride. How can you avoid boredom on long trips? We’re here to give you some tips and tricks that will keep you and your passengers entertained.

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Round up

Whenever you go on a trip, make sure you have all the important things with you, to avoid having to go back 40 miles into the trip. The moment you get into the car with your friends or family do a quick round up of important items you require for the trip, such as a passport – this too can be fun and a great ice-breaker to get everyone talking to each other.

Classic Road Trip Games

You simply can’t go wrong with some classic road trip games. Our favorite is Counting Cows – count the cows (or red cars or anything you want) on your side of the road. If you pass a cemetery on your side you have to reset your counter and start again. You can add some extra rules to make it more fun. Twenty questions is also a really good road trip game. As the name implies you only get 20 questions to guess the person or the place the one you’re playing with has in mind. You get to only ask questions that can be answered by yes or no. License Plate Lingo is another good one: let’s say you see a license plate CMR 263, you must come up with a logical phrase, such as cry me a river. The first person who comes up with one, gets a point.

High Tech Entertainment

Bring as many high tech items with you if you get to get easily bored on long car trips. If there’s nothing to see on the road and the conversation has gone stale, stretch your feet in the back and watch a movie on your tablet, listen to music or read a book on your Kindle (but remember that books also come in others forms too). You can also get all the people in the car involved by doing karaoke or simply singing along with the radio.

Frequent Stops


Another great trick to avoid boredom on long trips is to make frequent stops. Don’t be in a hurry when you’re driving, you’ll get to miss a lot of sights and also being in a hurry will tense up your body and mind and that is a bad way of starting up a vacation. Make sure you allow plenty of time for error and leave earlier if possible. Unplanned things are bound to come up and knowing there is plenty of time to deal with them will keep you relaxed. Making frequent stops will also give you a chance to see more sights and take more pictures, thus keeping entertained. The trip should be an event in itself, so enjoy it!

Rules for the Trip

Rules are never fun, but unfortunately they are incredibly useful on long car rides. For example, driver rotation – there shouldn’t be just one driver (it’s not safe nor fun), so make a rule about how often drivers should rotate. Another rule involves priorities. Every person’s has different priorities – for example a smoker will want to smoke at least once every two hours (just a guess) and there should be a rule about that: that nobody comments on their decision to stop and smoke. Someone may need to use the bathroom more often than others. These things should be talked about at the beginning of the trip, so that there wouldn’t be any conflicts during the trip.

We hope we gave you a few useful tricks for keeping entertained during your long trip to your desired destination. Remember that the best way to avoid boredom on a long trip is to simply have entertaining company with you. If you think that someone might not prove to be a good travel companion, do them a favor, and yourself and simply don’t take the trip with them. Life’s too short to get bored! Have a great trip and an ever greater vacation!

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