Top Things to Do in Jamaica

Jamaica is the perfect getaway to spend an ideal vacation or honeymoon far away from crowded places, and daily routine. With breathtaking landscapes, cascading waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and mineral baths, Jamaica is one of the best tropical vacation destinations. If you are still not sure, here is a list of the top things to do in Jamaica, as well as the main reasons to visit Jamaica this year!

1. Blue Hole

Located in Ocho Rios, the Blue Hole is a spectacular place with breathtaking views, blue-green waters, and cascading waterfalls, plus a hidden cave. You can spend an unforgettable afternoon here, swimming in the crystal clear waters, taking photos, or simply discovering the Jamaican jungle with a professional guide. The Blue Hole is one of the most fabulous things to do in Jamaica. The trip takes only 1-2 hours, but you will have lots of fun, and make new friends. This Jamaican tourist attraction is suited for everybody: young and old, singles, couples, and families. We recommend you to visit the Blue Hole in the afternoon, and wear comfortable water shoes. There will be some muddy, watery terrain that is slippery.

2. Seven Mile Beach

Located in Negril, the Seven Mile Beach is one of the best things to do in Jamaica if you want to unplug and relax. It is worth taking a 1-day trip in Negril, to enjoy the sun, the golden sand, and the crystal-clear water. The place is wonderful for sunning and swimming in shallow, clear waters. This place was once haunted by pirates, but now you will find lots of bars and restaurants that serve delicious local foods and drinks.

3. Dunn’s River Falls and Park

Located in Ocho Rios, less than 1 hour away from Falmouth, the Dunn’s River Park is one of the most adventurous things to do in Jamaica. If you like hiking, and swimming, prepare your water shoes, and a comfortable bathing suit, and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The spring water falling into the ocean, and the views are absolutely stunning. The downside, though, is that the place might be very crowded, so you might consider taking a private excursion to Dunn’s Falls.

4. Bob Marley’s Museum

This is a must-see place while you are in Kingston. Jamaica is all about reggae and Bob Marley, so do not miss the occasion to get the real vibe of the place where the artist wrote his songs. Visiting Bob Marley’s Museum is one of the best things to do in Jamaica in any month of the year. Get ready to feel the spirit of reggae in this historic site of Jamaica!

5. Rastfari Indigenous Village

Taking this half-day tour from the Montego Bay is one of the most exciting things to do in Jamaica. You and your children will never forget the drumming, crafting, cooking, and other activities that you will have the occasion to do with the local communities. But, most importantly, you will discover the wonderful Rastafarian philosophy, that teaches us that we are all “one heart”, “one love”. This community truly lives in harmony with nature, and believes in equal rights and justice. Besides participating in the daily activities of the community, you will learn a lot about Jamaica’s Rastafari movement from your guide.

Main Reasons Why You Should Visit Jamaica

Here is a list with the main reasons to visit Jamaica:


Hospitable people is a good reason to visit this impressive island, because their inhabitants place an important role for the flux of tourists. As soon as you arrive in the airport, you’ll be surprised how welcoming the local Jamaican people are. They are friendly, warm and willing to give you a tour with the surroundings of this island.


From goat curry to salt fish, amazing food is one of Jamaica’s trademarks. Expect to be treated with the freshest seafood or meat, coming directly from the locals, or the sea. Tourists can also serve fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables from the locals.


Jamaica has a truly amazing culture. We recommend you to hire someone from the island to explain and show you their great culture. If you are curious to discover new things, you can learn how they manage their current activities, such as buying fish or shopping for meat. Moreover, you can discover interesting things about the Rastafarian religion that is basically an African-based way of living, plus many others.


Jamaica’s beaches is probably one of the top reasons why lots of tourists prefer to come here during the summer season, as well as in other periods. Packed with white sands and crystal blue water, these beaches are the perfect recipe to relax and enjoy your vacancy moments. Just imagine yourself staying at the beach, listening Reggae music, while enjoying a fresh cocktail. The most popular beaches are in Montego Bay with its best beaches: Doctor’s Cave Beach and Negril Beach, both of them providing remarkable sea views, open restaurants, bars, clubs and excellent resorts for relaxation.

Good vibe

The atmosphere is absolutely impressive and unique. The locals know how to enjoy life, love to dance and sing and they succeed to share these positive feelings to the tourists also.


Whether you travel with your spouse, family, children, or alone, there are lots of amazing things to do in Jamaica. Exciting outdoor activities, relaxing moments, welcoming people, shopping plus many other unforgettable activities are some of the main reasons why you should come to Jamaica, and enjoy one of the best vacations you have ever had. Needless to say that many persons have claimed that it could be one of the best Caribbean islands to visit, with top notched attractions and welcoming people.

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