Top Greek Islands to Visit this Summer

Everyone wants its summer vacation to be perfect and memorable, which lead us to the conclusion that choosing the travel destination is an important stage. With over 200 islands available for visitors, surrounded by clear waters, amazing landscapes or top notch accommodations, no wonder Greece is one of the hottest holiday destinations for many tourists all over the world.

Although this country located in the southeast part of Europe has dramatically been affected by the global recession, its tourism area is still a profitable industry that started a few decades ago. Greece has to offer so much to each traveler, it can be difficult to choose the right travel destination this summer.

If you are thinking of going to a Greek island as your next destination, but don’t know exactly which one, we’ll give you several suggestions with a top islands in Greece which can be helpful and guiding to make the right choice. Whether they are popular for the beautiful mountains or green spaces, while others surprise the visitors with an entertainment section or are renowned for relaxation lifestyle, all Greek islands attract each year thousands of tourists from every corner of the world.

Santorini is, without any doubt, one of the most popular and worth visiting Greek island. It has been ranked as one of the most beautiful islands in the world with lots of amazing places to be discovered by tourists. From amazing volcanic views to a romantic sunset, Sntorini is definitely one of the top Greek islands destination. Due to the black and red volcanic sand, its beaches are truly amazing and can be a great destination for both couples and families. If you want to include Santorini in your vacation’s plans, go for the eastern side of the island which is usually cheaper.


Crete is another beautiful place in Greece to keep in mind when choosing for your summer vacation. It is the largest Greek island with lots of option for every traveler, because of its distinct local culture. Whether you visit Crete in July, August or September, you’ll always find great spots to discover, breathtaking places or the best food. No matter how much you are planning to stay, Crete will be a memorable travel with great resorts, Samaria Gorge, one of the highest mountains plus other wonderful places to find out.


Corfu is a mixture of influences from Italy, France or UK, the only island in Greece where locals can be seen playing cricket game. In terms of landscape and accommodation, Corfu has it all, offering impressive views and beautiful nature places. The old town is part of UNESCO world heritage site and visited by lots of tourists. Fine beaches and sand are the main attractions for tourists to consider Corfu the Greek island for their holidays.


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