Top Attractions in Turkey

May is just around the corner which means that we should be ready for this summer. If you don’t have yet plans about your next travel destination, Turkey can be a great location to consider spending your vacation. Probably you that this country is located at the border of two continents: Asia and Europe, it is the place where west meets east and this is what makes Turkey so interesting and special.

The country remains an excellent and top travel destination for many tourists and all seem to have the same observation; they all want to  come back for another trip and wonderful experience. Turkey doesn’t necessary refer only to Istanbul, because as soon as you cross the Bosporus into Asia Minor, the visitor is leaded to a very exotic and exciting place.

Top attractions to see and visit in your journey to Turkey:

1. Istanbul is certainly one of the most interesting cities in Turkey with a unique location between two continents along with a unique history as a Christian and then Islamic city, a mysterious yet amazing place to visit in Turkey. Once called Constantinople, Istanbul has been the capital of the Byzantin, Roman and Ottoman Empires which are the city’s most valuable heritage.  Istanbul is actually a vibrant mix of many cultures with lots of interesting point of interests to show to its tourists. From its popular mosques and churches to beautiful palaces, the place is a truly memorable expedition for anyone.

2. Cappadocia is another interesting town that tourists should visit it, which is known for its volcanic rock chimney houses plus man made case homes located in the east part of Turkey. The legend says that people started to build these bizarre houses with unusual shapes about 4,000 years ago and it still remains a unique and interesting spot to see. If you don’t have altitude sick, a walking tour with the balloon in Cappadocia is truly a onetime experience.

3. The Aegean Coast of Turkey is a beautiful region full of archaeological sites, romantic beaches, great landscapes along with a high number of towns that can be considered a top destination for tourists. We include here Ephesus, a historical city that offers a detailed yet authentic view of ancient life illustrating details about how people lived and play in this area or how old cities worked. The name should ring a bell, if we tell you that it was the location of the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Kusadasi is a top resort preferred by tourists, a simple yet catching city with lots of restaurants, great beaches and welcoming hosts. If you’re seeking for nightlife, this is the right place to be, being also a great destination for those interested for sun and relaxing at the beach.

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