Tips for Travelling with Your Pet


While some of us take their little baby on a travel, others can’t imagine a vacation without their favorite pet. For the last category, a trip without the companion animals simply won’t do. If you decide to travel with a dog or a cat or any other animal, it is recommended to consider a few useful tips to make your travelling with your favorite pet less stressful and a lot funnier.

Fortunately, there are lots of modern air travel that allow passengers to have a four-legged animals, but you should still check it before travelling. In terms of costs for having a pet, they may vary from airline to airline, so a research is also indicated to know exactly all needed info before your flight.

  • Don’t forget to feed and give your companion animal water before your journey. Prepare the animal for the flight, even if it takes two hours or 10 hours. While you wait around the airport, make sure you give you pet food and water, but don’t exaggerate. You don’t want to have problems during the flight and make the journey an unpleasant one. It may vomit from anxiety or get sick, so you should ask the airport employees if there’s a special area reserved for pets. Take all possible measure to avoid a flight with problems.
  • Maybe it is indicated to announce the airline you have a pet coming along with you. You should try to arrange for your pet to flight when you book for the tickets too. Probably you’ll find a spot in the cabin with you (probably with a few restrictions) or it can stay in a special place separately. The best thing to do is to do research and find out how much airlines  pay for your pet’s ticket, because it will surely vary from a company to another.
  • Just like some persons, animals can become anxious about a flight, so you should consider having a tranquilizer. Being held in a single spot for a few hours, it can become irritating and make your journey really tough for you. Probably a sedative will work for your animal and make it feel more calm during your next flight. But, if you opt for this alternative, be careful on medications bought online and try to find something that requires a prescription. Moreover, consult the vet before you administrate any of these sedatives which can make the flight safer and more relaxed for both passengers and animals. A vet’s checkup should include a general examination for the animal, in order to give the yes approval for the upcoming trip.

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