Things to See in the Danube Delta

The mighty Danube River flows 1788 miles from its springs in Germany’s Black Forest, to the Black Sea. 2200 square miles of rivers, marshes, tree-fringed lakes and secluded islands form the Danube Delta, an unique ecosystem in Europe.

The Danube Delta is very rich in natural beauties which determines thousands of tourists to spend their holidays in this untamed and spectacular land. Everything in the Danube Delta contributes for a relaxing holiday for the soul and body, and a chance to rekindle with the spirit of nature. The best way to explore this land is by means of a Danube River Cruise, or a one day excursion from Tulcea.

The Delta is composed from an intricate network of waterways and lakes which are divided by the three main estuaries and channels of the Danube. The floating islands, enchanted forests, pastures and dunes are home to a wide range of cultures, people and wildlife. This mesmerizing land offers unparalleled panoramas and access to many wildlife microclimates. The narrow canals and branching rivers of Magiaru and Malafeica are very beautiful, the small lakes which are covered by floating plants in Obretinul Mic and Radacinos are also worth a visit. Enjoy a stroll through the forests of weeping willows and oak trees, or take a boat ride on the many rivers which divide the Delta.

Something you should definitely see are the rare species of birds which can be found only in the Danube Delta. The white pelican, the curly pelican, dalmatian pelican, the white and great white egret are only a few of the many birds homed by this natural paradise. I advise you to enjoy a day of bird watching.


Sulina has some interesting attractions. The Cathedral, the Palace and the Old Lighthouse are only a few of the cultural monuments which are part of the cultural heritage of Romania and contribute to the architectural value of one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the country.

The wild beach in Sulina is ideal for all ages, has warm waters and beautiful panoramas. The nightlife is very interesting and varied. The Letea forest, with its 500 year old trees, is a natural monument which was mentioned in the legend of Omer. It is a beautiful place with ancient oak trees, shrubs,lianas and sand dunes.

Whether you choose to visit the historical sites, or to explore the waterways by means of canoe or traditional fisherman boats, the Danube will not disappoint. The most beautiful sunsets, and vineyards dating back to the Roman Empire can be found only here! If you are looking for an unique travel experience, in a the most authentic natural habitat in Europe, the Danube Delta is the place to see!

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