6 Things to Do And Places To Visit in Reno, Nevada

things to do in reno

When you think of Nevada, your mind may turn towards casinos, and in Reno, you would have hit the mark. It is known as The Biggest Little City and is home to a casino district that has attracted high and low-risk gamblers for decades.

But Reno is more than just a slice of good fortune on a slot machine.

Reno Nevada

Things to Do in Reno

In this town of dazzling lights, you can find other great attractions and participate in activities both day and night. You can even check out museums or have fun in the great outdoors, during the winter. It is then that you could explore the thrilling rush as you ski down some legendary slopes.

With so many fun things to do, you might have a hard time making a choice. We have made it a little easier for you by highlighting the ten best things to do in Reno, Nevada.



​Visit Lake Tahoe

​This bit of heaven is located on the border of Nevada and California and represents one of nature’s wonders. The pristine waters and tall mountains make for a breathtaking visit. Its mountainous slopes make this spot renowned for skiing.

It has a bit of history to its name because it was the site of the Winter Olympic Games in 1960.

During the summer, you can take advantage of its hiking trails, the lovely beaches, or row out onto the lake for a fishing expedition. Lake Tahoe is free for guests all year round, which adds even more to the overall appeal.

lake tahoe



​You can glide along Reno’s Truckee River and experience the attractions laden on both sides of the Riverwalk. This serpentine stretch beckons to art lovers with its numerous galleries and restaurants on its southern end.

You can give your senses a burst of excitement as you go on the Wine Walk, which is catered by several of the Riverwalk merchants. For a small fee, enjoy a variety of wines at the wine tasting hosted every third Saturday at varying galleries and stores.

If you love the scenic route and want a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the casino district, then this is exactly the kind of thing that would float your boat.



The Great Reno Balloon Race

​This colorful and spectacular show is a must-see for any visitor to Reno, Nevada. The Great Reno Balloon Race, a three-day event that is held every September, attracts over 120,000 spectators to Rancho San Rafael Regional Park.

This makes it the largest attraction nationwide. So prepare to pull up a chair and enjoy the beautiful colors of the hot air balloons as they decorate the Nevada sky.

The pilots engage in racing each other, and the winning balloon has to get to the Truckee River before anyone else. So, this race goes on for three days, but you do not have to keep your eyes peeled to the sky that entire time. You can still enjoy so many other activities on the ground.


​National Automobile Museum

Automobile museums are not just for classic car fanatics. Even the visitor with the least amount of knowledge about the differences between the clutch and brake will appreciate the display at the National Automobile Museum.

This site lauds more than just wheels on a frame. It is home to over 200 different types of automobiles including horseless carriages, racecars and famous cars driven in movies by celebrities such as James Dean in “Rebel without a Cause.”

The winner of the 1908 around-the-world race is also showcased in this magnificent display.

There are also fun and educational facts imparted to guests that will pique anyone’s interest and is a must-see once you are in Reno.

This exhibit is open daily and requires about two hours for a complete tour. However, if cars are your thing, you might wind up spending the entire day there because at the Automobile Museum. It is more than just cars; it’s history on wheels.


Nevada Museum of Art

This is one of the oldest cultural centers in Nevada, having been established in 1931. It underwent a modern-day renovation in 2001 and the building now represents the exact likeness of the art it displays.

Its design was inspired by the geological landscape of the Black Rock Desert. The Nevada Museum of Art is located at the southern end of the Truckee Riverwalk. The interior boasts a spectacular display organized into four themes: “Altered Landscape Photography”, “Contemporary Art”, “Art of the Greater West”, and “Work Ethic”.

You can appreciate the exquisite collection inside, or be amazed by any of the two sculpture gardens outside.

The grounds also have a Center for Art and Environment, which is a research center that aims to establish the connection between people and their respective environments. You can go it alone or take advantage of the experts on a guided tour of this historic landmark.



Visit the Eldorado Casino

​For many visitors, this is the reason they visit Reno, Nevada. For decades, the Eldorado Casino has been the hotspot for many tourists’ arrivals as its bright lights serve as a beacon for the gamblers’ heart.

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