6 Things to Do in Orange County

Orange County is located in the lower southwest of the state of California. This county includes the cities of Anaheim, Irvine, Buena Park, Brea, and Newport, which are known for their unique places of interest. There are many fun things to do in Orange County, such as soaring over Orange County Great Park or cruising around Disneyland by several different modes of transportation. Knott’s Berry Farm is not for the faint of heart, as you never know what may happen there. Animal lovers can stop by at the Balboa Fun Zone to see the whales from a boat in their natural habitat. The Pretend City Children Museum is the place for the curious little ones. Those who love the outdoors, hiking, biking or horseback riding will have a great time at the Carbon Canyon Regional Park. Discover below the most exciting activities you can do in Orange County.

1. Fly at 400 Feet

Helium balloon in Orange County Great Park


If you are looking for things to do in Orange County this weekend, the Great Park in Irvine offers many exciting activities for the whole family. What’s unique at Orange County Great Park in Irvine is flying at 400 feet in a helium balloon (not hot air) that is the only one in the US. It is the largest tethered helium balloon in the world. This allows you to canvas the breathtaking view of the area stretching around 40 miles.

The Orange County Great Park is open seven days a week, except for a few holidays, from 10 am weekdays and 9 am weekends. This park covers approximately 1300 acres and is still growing. It hosts an excellent Sports Complex and the Palm Court Arts Complex. On Sundays, there’s a Farmers’ Market consisting of fruit and vegetables. You can mingle with the creators and even purchase their wares.

2. Tour the Old-Fashioned Way

Ride on Disneyland's Horse Drawn Streetcars


A ride on Disneyland‘s old-fashioned modes of transportation is an awesome experience for kids and adults alike. You can choose the horse drawn Trolley, or the Jitney, an old car without a roof. If you want more excitement, ride the outdated fire truck. For a larger group, travel the Omnibus, a gas-powered two-story bus. This tour covers Town Square, with its three-story Victorian buildings and other sites at Disneyland in Anaheim. There are many fun, spooky, scary rides to enjoy, as well as various forms of entertainment, food, and beverages. Meet your favorite Disney character while you explore the park.

Gate Tickets for a day for ages 10+ range from $59 to $97.50, depending on the numbers of days and people. Prices change from day to day. There are hotels and eating places nearby.

3. Witness a Train Robbery

Steam train at Knott’s Berry Farm


If you are wondering about some exciting and fun things to do in Orange County, the Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park is the place to go. See for yourself when you take a ride aboard the scarry #41. When it leaves the Calico Square depot, the Ghost Town Bandits rob it. It’s been happening since the fall of ’52. If you escape that, then take a trip through Timber Mountain Log Ride. It is the most complicated log framed ride in the US, 85-feet high and 330-foot-long covering the 19th century lumber camp. It’s been updated to make the classic scenes more realistic with special effects to excite present and future participants.

Tickets: &72.00 per day per person; save $29 of you purchase 3-days in advance. There are activities, rides, and unique eating places. $31 lunch ticket allows you to feast all day. This is a great outing for the entire family.

4. Observe the Whales by Boat

Balboa Fun Zone in Newport


The Balboa Fun Zone in Newport is another fabulous place for the whole family. Take a tour by boat to watch the whales splash, dive and surface again. If you need a change of pace, you can go fishing. Go back in time to the Bay Arcade of the 50s to test your skills and accuracy. If interested, take a cruise on the bay to see where the rich and famous reside.

This park is also the home of the Ferris Wheel, which offers a wonderful view over the countryside. $4 per ride is a great buy, ten rides run $30, while twenty rides cost $50, no expiration date. Children under 13 must ride with an adult. Opens at 11 am year around.

5.Take the Children to the Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City Children’s Museum


If you want to give your kids an unforgettable experience, go to Irvine, to the Pretend City Children’s Museum. This Museum enables children to act out various roles, such as dentist, doctor, banker, construction worker or farmer. Kids can also go to the beach, grocery shopping,  mall, or gas station, getting the chance to explore their world and broaden their horizons. There is an Imagination Playground, where children can put together over sized Lego blocks.

Children above 12 months will pay $12.50 for a ticket, while military families and kids under 12 months can visit the museum at a reduced rate. The museum is open seven days a week and can be enjoyed by all ages. There are many special events for children throughout the year.

6. Hike in the Carbon Canyon Regional Park

Carbon Canyon Regional Park


The Carbon Canyon Regional Park in Brea hosts colorful, bright gardens and other unique vegetation, offering a variety of free things to do in Orange County. This is an excellent place for those who enjoy an afternoon stroll. The park has very elaborate playground equipment for the children who enjoy being active. There are opportunities to fish, hike on foot, or bike. It has the only redwood grove in the entire county. Other activities can include tennis, sand volleyball, and other outdoor sports. Visitors can use the fire places and cook stoves to cook up a hardy outdoor meal. Dogs are allowed only on a 6-foot leash or less. Group reservations can be made and there are restrooms.

The cost is free and open to all ages; however, there is a $3 parking fee on weekdays and $5 on weekends.

So, while in Orange County, you can ride aboard a Helium balloon during your visit to Orange County Great Park. You can also tour Disneyland in four ways: by Trolley, by the old Jitney, by an old fire truck, or by the Omnibus. If you want some excitement, journey over to Knott’s Berry Farm. Stop at Balboa Fun Zone to view the whales from a boat, or go to the Bay Arcade. Take the children at the Pretend City Children Museum. If you prefer outdoor activities, travel over to Carbon Canyon Regional Park.

There are wonderful things to do in Orange County. Which one would you like trying out?

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