5 Things to do in New Orleans

New Orleans is definitely one of the most diverse cities in the country. The city boasts so much eccentricity, in its food, music, culture, and places to stay. Mesmerizing museums, delicious restaurants, harmonious music, and beautiful buildings are just a few of the things to do in New Orleans. You can walk the city to find jazz music pouring out of buildings, or the sweet smell of Creole food.

Below is a list of must-sees on the very long list of things to do in New Orleans. These are just a few, but some of the best. Museums, restaurants, and music all make an appearance on the list, as they are the heart and soul of New Orleans.

1. Visit the National WWII Museum

This #4 ranked museum in the country is located between the French Quarter and the Lower Garden District, on Magazine Street. This magnificent museum is free for veterans and children under 5. Admission is $26 for adults, $16.50 for students and active military, and $22.50 for seniors. Visitors can have an unforgettable experience here, witnessing the courage, teamwork, and sacrifices of the young men and women involved in World War II. No one who visits here leaves without a better understanding of the world and what these men and women did for it.

This museum was created to teach the world about the war that changed the world. As this is an indoor venue, there is no bad time to go see all of the amazing exhibits at this museum. The exhibits are appropriate for people of all ages, so families and people of ages are welcome. Each unique exhibit can help anyone in the family learn about this infamous war. Groups, such as school or church groups are also permitted and welcome.

2. Walk around the French Quarter

This area is at the heart of the city of New Orleans. Walking the French Quarter seems to be one of the best things to do in New Orleans. It has something for everyone: art, music, shopping, restaurants, and bars. It’s absolutely free to walk around. However, be sure to bring money! There is a lot to look at and a lot you’ll want to purchase! You can find a swanky hotel to stay at, eat some authentic Creole food, or take a tour of the exquisite, historical city. As you walk around, you’ll see local musicians giving people a sample of the famous Jazz music that pours out from the city.

The French Quarter has something to offer everyone. There are trolleys and buses to take you around, but it is best experienced on your feet. If someone in your party has difficulty getting around, this may not be an option best suited for you. It is best to walk around in the warmer months, but all of the shops, restaurants, and attractions are open any time during the year.

3. Enjoy the music at the House Of Blues

Located right in the heart of the French Quarter, on Decatur Street, this live music venue is the very essence of New Orleans. Prices vary, dependent on what you order for food and drinks, and also on which music event you’re attending. This amazing club has featured world class musicians such as Fats Domino and Eric Clapton. The House of Blues even hosts a Gospel Brunch on Sundays, keeping with the unique but traditional Creole/New Orleans love for music and ritual.

This establishment can be enjoyed at any point during the year. Families can certainly enjoy some things that the House of Blues has to offer, like their incredible menu, but late night music and drinks are much more enjoyed by adults. You can check this place out for authentic, unique New Orleans music played by some of the world’s best musicians. Music lovers and culture seekers alike can enjoy everything this venue has to offer, from its food to its music.

4. Admire the beautiful architecture at St. Louis Cathedral

This highly notable landmark is located near Jackson Square. Making your way to see this magnificent cathedral is a must on the things to do in New Orleans list. It is free to enter, but donations are always welcome, as it helps with the up-keep of the building. St. Louis represents the heart of old New Orleans and is the oldest Catholic cathedral in continual use in the entire country. Aside from the Church, they also offer a convent museum which is $8.00 for general admission. Discounts are given for seniors and students.

This experience is open to people of all ages and sizes. Even if you are not religious, the beautiful architecture and history of this beautiful building will keep you interested for hours. It can be enjoyed during times of rain or shine, and is even available for group tours as long as you call ahead and reserve their time.

5. Go to a concert at the Preservation Hall

Established in 1961 to honor New Orleans’ Jazz music, this music venue has been a hot-spot for music lovers for decades. Located on St. Peter Street, in the heart of the French Quarter, this venue is open every day of the week, featuring incredible music to be heard for hours. Many legends have played there and millions more have visited. Prices for tickets vary dependent on the event, but typically start at $35. For every music lover, this is one of the things to do in New Orleans.

People of all ages can come enjoy the beautiful jazz that pours out of the Preservation Hall’s doors. Specific events may be more for adults, some for children and families. You just have to look ahead at their schedule to find a show or event to fit your needs. Obviously this melodious location is meant to be enjoyed year-round. Bonus in the warmer months: you may be able to catch musicians playing outside the doors.

New Orleans is one of those places that you must see sometime in your life. After witnessing the architecture, tasting the food, and listening to the music, you’ll wonder why you never made a trip there before. Out of all of the many things to do in New Orleans, only a few are provided. However, these will all give you a good taste of the heart of New Orleans and what their culture is truly about. You’ll have to travel back time and time again to see all the city has to offer.

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