7 Amazing Things to Do In Nassau Bahamas

The Bahamas and its capital, Nassau, is one of those top destinations everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. If you have decided to go, then you’re probably wondering what exactly is there to do in Nassau. Our list features some of the most amazing things to do in Nassau Bahamas so you can have an unforgettable trip like food tasting or shopping.

Our suggestions include a variety of attractions that blend unique experiences thanks to the cultural history of the city and the very popular activities found across the city.

1. Atlantis Resort

If this is your first visit to the Bahamas, then you’re probably bursting with excitement. Our first recommendation is to spend all that energy at the Atlantis Resort. Even if you don’t stay at its hotel, the resort itself features a variety of activities from sports like tennis and golf, to enjoying the water park, a swim with the dolphins and a visit to the aquarium. If you prefer the nightlife entertainment, then you should know that the Atlantis resort has a movie theater, night clubs, and comedy clubs, a variety of bars & lounges and even a casino.

For more information regarding prices, schedule and a complete list of the available activities, go to the resort’s web page.

2. John Watling’s Distillery

John Watling's Distillery webpage

After a day and night of amazing experiences at the Atlantis Resort, you’re probably tired. That’s why we recommend taking it easy by visiting important landmarks around Nassau. One of the first things you should visit if you enjoy a good drink, especially rum, is John Watling’s Distillery. The landmark is located on the ground of the Buena Vista Estate in downtown Nassau. This visit allows tourists to learn more about the history of Nassau while enjoying the Spirit of the Bahamas Rum.

Tours of the distillery and the estate are part large one-day tours with things to do in Nassau, Bahamas. Plan for your tour with TripAdvisor list of suggestions.

3. National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

If you are passionate about art, then we recommend including a visit to the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas in your list of things to do in Nassau Bahamas. The art museum has collected a high number of important works since it was first opened in 2003. It has a wide variety of art exhibits including paintings, sculptures, textiles, and ceramics from both Bahamian artists as well as ex-pats.

For information regarding the price of general admissions and tours, the schedule of the museum and the available exhibits visit the galley’s website.

4. Pirates of Nassau

One of the most unique things to do in Nassau, Bahamas, is taking part in the interactive pirate experience at the Pirates of Nassau. This activity can be enjoyed by anyone, especially those who are familiar with the Golden Age of Piracy. The event takes you back in 1716, on the port of Nassau, where the ship Revenge is docked and where pirates are celebrating in a nearby tavern. It is an incredible educational experience with a lot of exhibits and also features a pub and a gift shop.

Visit the event’s website for more information on prices, location and schedule.

5. Junkanoo

If you plan to visit the Bahamas then you should try do so between December 26 and January 1. This is when you can experience the unique spectacle of the Junkanoo parade. Praised as the best festival in the Caribbean, at its core is a country-wide party most prevalent in Nassau. The city fills with artists, dancers, musicians and a high number of locals and tourists getting entranced by the energy of the festival. It’s the epitome of the exuberant spirit of the Bahamian people who dress in costumes and parade around the city, spreading joy and good energy to everyone. We highly recommend that you take note of Junkanoo as one of the best things to do in Nassau Bahamas.

You can learn more about the history and origins of the festival as well as other locations where you can enjoy it on Bahamas official tourism website.

6. Nassau Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour

Instead of eating the same meals each time, why not add a tasting food tour on your list of things to do in Nassau Bahamas. There are a variety of tours which allows tourists to enjoy both the cuisine of Bahamas while also learning more about its history imparted by both the people you’ll meet and the tour guide. Most tours involve up to 12 people sampling different dishes, including the famous Bahamian conch salad, in a variety of venues. From a Bahamian soul food restaurant to the shop of a spice merchant where you can enjoy teas, salts, and jams.

Schedule your own food tasting tour offered by companies on sites like Viator and TripAdvisor. Don’t forget to also check the reviews.

7. Shopping in Bay Street

There’s no better place to experience the rich and thriving spirit of a city than its markets and commercial hubs. In Nassau’s case, this is Bay Street, a lively thoroughfare filled with people from all walks of life. They are mostly attracted by the large variety of shops, restaurants, emporiums and souvenir stores. At the western end of Bay Street you can find the Straw Market which offers a wide variety of straw-made items like bags, hats, and baskets. Festival Place is another shopping location which contributes to Bay Street’s status as the heart of Nassau. This is where you can the unique crafts, art and music which reflect the heritage of the Bahamian people.

Feel free to explore the wider variety of shops in Nassau on the official tourism website.


The Bahamas and its capital of Nassau offer an amazing combination of culture, various attractions, and activities. All around the city, you can find something that can appeal to everyone. Nassau offers amazing experiences at the Atlantis resort, delightful lessons in the history of Bahamas and also great cuisine. The incredible culture of Nassau both historical and present is complemented by the hospitality of its people. This concludes our list of suggestions for things to do in Nassau Bahamas.

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