7 Things To Do in Maui

fun things to do in Maui
Maui is the one of the four major islands of Hawaii and is unique in the number and accessibility of its attractions. There are a variety of places to go in Maui that would appeal to people of different inclinations and interests. In this article, we will sample seven different things to do in Maui to provide a taste of the island’s charm.

1. View the Sunrise at the Summit of Haleakala Crater

things to do in Maui

One of the most extraordinary things to do in Maui is to view the sunrise from the summit of Haleakala Crater. Mark Twain described this as “the sublimest spectacle I ever witnessed.” You are at 10,000 feet above sea level witnessing the sun starting its day over the “house of the sun”, or “haleakala”. The National Park Service provides a map and information about cost and directions, as well as cautions and preparations.

The Park is open 24/7 throughout the year. Although certainly a must do in Maui, this summit experience is not for everyone. The rapid climb from sea level to an altitude of 10,000 feet on winding roads can certainly affect those with heart or respiratory conditions. The temperatures can dip below freezing at night and give you sunburn during the day. Decreased oxygen levels can also cause altitude sickness. The weather can change suddenly, so you need warm clothing, rain gear and sunscreen.

2. Enjoy Maui’s Unmatched Beaches

things to do in maui

Of the many things to do in Maui, the most relaxing is to take a stroll on the beach in the morning or at sunset. In fact, the shores of the island of Maui are Nature’s gifts to beach lovers. The entire island is surrounded by sandy beaches of different kinds, colors, textures, and features. This guide lists and describes all the beaches on the island, with information about parking, facilities, the sea sports and other activities at each beach. Spots that are good for small children are also clearly noted. Advice is added about seasons and best times to be at the beach.

 The guide will caution you about hazards you may encounter on certain beaches. These include difficult walking conditions and also dangers in the surf and current. If swimming at a beach with no lifeguards, be careful to observe warning signs and stay safe. These beaches offer some of the best activities in Maui.

3. Experience Hana, an Undeveloped Hawaiian Setting

places to see in maui

Among the top things to do in Maui would be a visit to the town of Hana. While the rest of Maui was changing at a fast pace, Hana residents chose to maintain its Hawaiian culture and small town atmosphere. Furthermore, the Hana Cultural Center and Museum is one of the most popular Maui tourist attractions. The museum preserves the ancient Hawaiian artifacts and stories about Hana’s past. The interesting features of Hana are also described in this article from Pride of Maui.

The 52 mile Hana Highway from Kahului to Hana is a challenge, consisting of 620 curves and 59 bridges with numerous hairpin turns. It will take two to four hours to reach Hana. However, on the way, you can take in the spectacular views of rain forests, waterfalls and scenic seascapes. So, it will be an exciting Maui sightseeing experience.

Road to Hana is a site the provides a map, brief descriptions and photos of 25 of the best stops, which are among the most beautiful places to see in Maui. Here is a guide that suggests ways to prepare for your trip.

4. Hike Through a Bamboo Forest to Waimoku Falls

things to do in Maui

One of the best things to do in Maui is to experience a lush tropical rainforest on the Pipiwai Trail located south of Hana. The 400 foot majestic Waimoku Falls is at the end of the two mile hike on this Trail. You would park at the Kipahulu Visitors Center. Across the street is the entry to the Pipiwai Trail, which takes you past several waterfalls, swimming holes, a gigantic banyan tree and a picturesque bamboo forest. You will then encounter the spectacular Waimoku Falls, a Maui must see.

Those who experienced the hike say it’s not difficult and that although there are muddy spots, boardwalks and stone steps make the walk easier. There is an uphill climb at the beginning, and two stream crossings further up. The main requirements are hiking shoes plus food and drink for this 4-hour hike, which remains one of the top things to do in Maui.

5. Sample Some Ocean Activities in the Pacific

fun things to do in Maui

Adventurous things to do in Maui include taking part in some of the ocean activities provided by different tour companies. You can sail out onto the ocean and get closeup views of sea turtles or humpback whales. Alternatively, you can do snorkeling or scuba diving at the protected Molokini Crater. Other ocean Maui activities include kayaking, rafting, outrigger canoeing, water skiing and wakeboarding.

However, if you are a fishing aficionado, you will love the sport fishing opportunities here. There is even a submarine tour for viewing underwater ocean activity. Additionally,  you may just want to take a cocktail cruise at sunset time.

Maui has a number of schools and training programs that will teach you a water sport at beginning and also advanced levels. If you are looking for fun things to do in Maui, here is a list of some water sports opportunities, cruises and sailing tours with descriptions and prices.

6. Take In Lahaina – a Blend of Different Cultures and Influences

places to visit in Maui

One of the coolest things to do in Maui is to experience a community that is a blend of multiple influences over the centuries. It’s a mixture of Hawaiians, missionaries, whalers, capitalists, workers and tourists. Lahaina is a crowded, bustling city on the west coast offering everything you would find in a modern sea town.

Not only that, but the historic elements add to the richness of the visitor’s experience. As a result, the American Planning Association named Lahaina’s Front Street as one of the “Top Ten Greatest Streets”. You will find there great restaurants, bars and eateries, unique specialty shops and a variety of art galleries. Read more about 61 interesting sites in Lahaina from the Maui Guide Book.

One of the best places to visit in Maui, Lahaina Harbor is where you will find a great variety of sea vessels that provide ocean sports opportunities. Additionally, there are 21 ocean activity companies occupying the many slips in the harbor.

7. Indulge the Different Palates

fun things to do in Maui Hawaii

Fun things to do in Maui include sampling different taste sensations from the variety of food offerings. Here are a few of the culinary centers in the island. Discover the thirty top rated restaurants in Maiu, ranked by Pride of Maui.

  • Old Lahaina Luau is the traditional Hawaiian feast, adapted to modern culinary preferences. The program includes a hula performance.
  • Maui Coffee Roasters Café is located in Kahului. Voted the best coffee house on Maui, they serve freshly roasted coffee, full meals, and a Happy Cappy Hour after 2:00 p.m.
  • Mama’s Fish House is consistently rated at the top on review lists, this is the place to go in Maui for a culinary treat at a scenic North Shore setting.
  • Cool Cat Café, on Front Street in Lahaina, boasts being voted the BEST burger on Maui for twelve years. It provides live entertainment nightly.


All in all, the list above just gives an idea of the variety of things to do in Maui. If you are like many of the tourists you will meet, you will be making future trips back for that Maui experience–that intangible quality that comes from something beyond the touristy things that you will be doing. Perhaps what pulls you back is the warmth of the people who love and cherish this tropical paradise and want to share it with you. You might call that the “aloha” spirit. What are your favorite things to do in Maui Hawaii? Please comment below!

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  1. Maui Is one of the best islands in Hawai. I was sawing many Islands In my traveling time but I think it is unique to them. For this, I want to go again Maui and enjoying the nature. Your sharing tips are informative and the places are best but I think you also add more place as like the Banyan tree park, Maui Ocean center, Ulua Beach, Iao Valley state park. Those places are also nice.

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