5 Things to Do in Hollywood

Almost everyone’s heard of Hollywood at least once in their lives. Whether it be for the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame — or the Hollywood sign itself — it’s a famous city that people are always talking about. As a result, many people wish to go to Hollywood; but as Hollywood is such a famous city, it can be difficult to decide on where to go. As there are a variety of locations to visit in Hollywood, the most iconic locations are primarily featured — while also featuring something for those that are still having a difficult time deciding on an activity. Our list of the things to do in Hollywood includes a variety of activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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When thinking of things to do in Hollywood, the first thing that come to the minds of many people is the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And for good reason — the Walk of Fame is a sidewalk where over 2,500 stars celebrate various Hollywood celebrities. Acknowledging the careers of actors, musicians, TV personalities and other stars, the Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the unmissable places to visit in the city.

Over the years, varying celebrities and stars have been celebrated on this iconic sidewalk; with the first star acknowledged being actress Joanne Woodward, in 1960. For the most part, famous actors and comedians receive stars for their work – for example, Kevin Hart, a relatively popular comedian, has recently received a Hollywood star dedicated to him.

Admire the Hollywood Sign

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For many people, one of the best things to do in Hollywood is seeing the iconic Hollywood sign. As seeing the Hollywood sign is something many people dream of, it is best to watch the sun setting over the sign with a loved one. You can save this treat for the end of your trip if possible, for the most beautiful and memorable view.

While the sign is in sight from any location, anyone hoping to get the best view of it should consider taking a hike on one of the trails leading off of Griffith Park. Many of these trails offer a great view of the Hollywood sign, making them the ideal spot to take photos. It’s worth noting also that the hiking trails are child-friendly, making it perfect for the little adventurer — though those with toddlers or younger children may prefer to carry their child, as younger children may tire out before reaching the sign.

Try to Spot Celebrities in Restaurants

It is clear for everyone that there are many stars and celebrities live in Hollywood. As such, there are a variety of restaurants that celebrities tend to frequent, making it possible to see your favorite actor or actress. As there are a variety of restaurants in Hollywood, it’s fairly easy to track down a restaurant where many celebrities tend to eat — though there are also multiple resources for this information.

Some popular restaurants to try when looking for things to do in Hollywood include The Ivy and Hugo’s. Both of these locations are popular hangout spots for celebrities, such as Winona Ryder. Additionally, many of these restaurants feature family-friendly options; so if your child would like to see a specific celebrity in person, it’s a good idea to see what restaurant they frequent. While it is possible not to see your favorite celebrity, you will certainly  see some famous faces.

Visit the TCL Chinese Theater

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For the film enthusiast, one of the most memorable places in Hollywood can be visiting the famous TCL Chinese Theater. Having opened in 1927, the theater is a major part of Hollywood’s history . Visiting it is considered by many to be one of the most important things to do in Hollywood. The building itself is a sight to behold, with its beautiful architecture and decorations. The interior, decorated beautifully with Chinese treasures is the main attraction, making it a popular spot.

Additionally of note is the fact that the theater had one of the liveliest openings. Many people came to Hollywood hoping to see celebrities making an appearance for the grand opening in 1927. To this day, however, many celebrities still pop up for the first showings of various movies. Additionally, as most of these movies are child-friendly, going to the TCL theater can be a great family experience.

Take a Tour of the City

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Anyone visiting Hollywood for the sights knows that tours are a big part of the things to do in Hollywood. Tours are almost a jack-of-all-trades in a sort for those interested in seeing everything on their visit. One big reason is the fact that many of these tours show celebrities’ homes. As a result, many people will attend these tours in hopes of seeing their favorite celebrity; and if they’re lucky, see them in their day-to-day life. One such tour currently available is offered by “Ultimate Hollywood Tours”— with tickets typically costing less than $40.

These tours are also great for those wishing to learn about Hollywood itself. Delve into the history of the city, and discover the best things to do in Hollywood. As an example, the history of the Hollywood sign might be covered during the tour. Most tours also cover famous hangout spots. Because of this, these tours are also great for those that don’t have much time to spend exploring the city alone.

In conclusion, finding things to do in Hollywood can be overwhelming to some, given all the available options. But it doesn’t have to be — the easiest way to find the best option for you is to narrow it down based on your interests!

As there are so many things to do in Hollywood, most of which are family-friendly, we recommend that you consider the city for your next vacation. Visiting Hollywood is something everyone should do at least once in their life! The memories you make here will last for a lifetime, as Hollywood is one of the most attractive locations.


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