7 Adventurous Things to Do in Fort Worth

Fort Worth was originally settled in 1849 to protect settlers moving west from Indian attacks. The city that was once an important stop along the Chisholm Trail is nicknamed Cowtown. Fort Worth is recognized around the world for its lively music scene along with its amazing cultural district. While the area is known for its extremely dry weather, the city boasts one of the oldest botanical gardens in the United States. If you plan on going to the city soon, then check out these top things to do in Fort Worth.

1. Watch a Cattle Drive at the National Stockyard Historic District

The National Stockyard Historic District hosts cattle drives twice daily. This historically accurate recreation runs in front of the Fort Worth Livestock Exchange Building and can be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. The carefully selected herd consists of 16 longhorn cattle with one cow representing each decade of the city’s existence.

Learn more about the era of cattle drives in Texas by watching the Spirit of the West video. Dine on authentic Texas cuisine at Stockyards Station. Every cowboy or cowgirl needs authentic clothing so enhance your trip by picking some up. It is free to watch the cattle, but bring extra money for dining and shopping.

  • Best for: Couples, families.
  • Season: Open most days, the cattle drive runs daily at 11:30 AM and 4 PM.
  • Address: 130 East Exchange Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76164.

2. Take an Old Time Photo at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame

Step back to the Old West by having your photo taken in costumes at the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. Guests can choose their favorite costumes from gamblers, gunfighters, fancy ladies and southern belles among others. After having your photo taken, explore this building containing special exhibits dedicated to Roy Rogers and the history of the American Paint horse.

See over 128 exhibits and learn more about the history of the Chisholm Trail at this museum. Consider enhancing your visit by taking a guided tour of the facility. Be encouraged as you learn the true stories of over 100 men and women who helped build Texas’ ranching history. Admission prices are $6.00 per adult $3.00 per child. Tours and photos cost extra.

  • Best for: Couples, families.
  • Season: Open year-round, 7 days a week. Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM, Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 7 PM, and Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM.
  • Address: 128 East Exchange Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76164.

3. Find Your Way Out of the Cowtown Cattlepen Maze

Finding your way out of the constantly changing 5,400 square feet Cowtown Cattlepen Maze can be quite challenging. Each participant is encouraged to race against the clock to find his way out of the wooden pens. Four checkpoints within the maze help ensure that everyone completes the maze without cheating. Most people require from 8 to 20 minutes to complete the maze.

While many parents will want to join the fun, they can also track their child’s progress through the maze from a wooden observation deck. After finishing the maze, losers can be locked up in a mock jail which is the perfect photo opportunity. Tickets are $7.00 for adults $5.00 for children.

  • Best for: Couples and families with older children.
  • Season: Open year-round, weather permitting. Check the website for each event hours.
  • Address: 145 East Exchange Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76164.

4. Attend a Rodeo at the Cowtown Coliseum

Take your family and friends to see a rodeo on Friday and Saturday nights at the Cowtown Coliseum. See if the bulls or cowboys can take the night while rooting for your favorite contenders. Contestants vie throughout the month to take home the top prizes. The rodeos are sanctioned by the International Professional Rodeo Association and the United Professional Rodeo Association making sure that top athletes will be in attendance turning it into one of the best things to do in Fort Worth.

This venue became the first in the world to host an indoor rodeo in 1908. Watch the antics of the cowboy clowns as they perform their humorous acts while making sure that the contestants stay safe. Prices for tickets are $40.00 for 2 adults and 2 children.

  • Best for: Couples, families.
  • Season: Open year-round, Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • Address: 121 East Exchange Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76164.

5. Dance at Billy Bob’s Texas

Billy Bob’s Texas is the world’s largest honkey tonk. Partying there is one of the most iconic things to do in Fort Worth. Complimentary lime dancing lessons happen almost every Thursday. Challenge your friends at the video arcade or to a game of pool. Live music occurs almost every night at this bar that has the largest dance floor in Texas. Admission during the week varies from $2 to $5, while weekend admission depends on concert price.

Over 45,000 bulls have tried to buck off a cowboy on Friday and Saturday nights in the special arena attached to the bar. If you have always wanted to try riding a mechanical bull, then plan your trip to coincide with these events. One of the favorite things to do in Fort Worth is to eat at Billy Bob’s Texas on great food including quail sliders, smoked brisket, and fire-braised ribs.

  • Best for: Adults, couples.
  • Season: Open year-round and hours depend on event and business.
  • Address: 2520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth, TX 76164.

6. Attend the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

The fun never ends during the 23-day Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo starting in early January. Watch competitors show their animals including cattle, horses, poultry, pigeons and rabbits during this event. This stock show is the oldest continuously running livestock show and rodeo. More than 100,000 spectators turn out to watch the All Western Parade running through downtown Fort Worth that kicks off this event each year.

Walk through the exhibit area showcasing artwork done by Texas students along with seeing the many commercial vendors hawking their wares. Join the evening fun of chuck wagon races and the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association rodeo where contestants vie for over $100,000 in prize money during each performance. Prices are $10 per adult and $5 per children, while some events cost extra.

  • Best for: Couples, families.
  • Season: Starts mid-January through early February, during this time they are open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM.
  • Address: 3401 West Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76107.

7. Dine at the Kimbell Art Museum

While the western way of life is the focus of many things to do in Fort Worth, the city is home to five world-class museums including the Kimbell Art Museum. Starting your visit with a trip to the Buffet inside this museum is one of the most popular things to do in Fort Worth. Diners have been enjoying authentic Texas cooking at this restaurant since 1981.

The European collection of artwork at this museum including Michelangelo’s first known painting, The Torment of Saint Anthony, is outstanding. Researchers love using the library at this museum containing more than 59,000 works. Before leaving, make sure to enjoy this building’s unique architecture consisting of 16 parallel vaults.

  • Best for: Couples, families.
  • Season: Open year-round, except for major holidays, with hours depending on the day. Check the website in advance.
  • Address: 3333 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth, TX 76107.

There are so many things to do in Fort Worth. Explore the city’s western flair by watching the cattle drive, attending a rodeo and dancing. Visitors have been flocking to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo hosting the oldest indoor rodeo in the United States. Challenge your family and friends to see who can get out of the cowboy maze the fastest. Do not leave the city without stopping to dine at Kimball Art Museum and seeing their wonderful collection of European art. You will want to come back often because there are so many fun things to do in Fort Worth.

Find time and visit Dallas’ attractions, Fort Worth’s sister city, to have a true taste of the Lone-star State.

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