10 Delightful Things to do in Boston

It is safe to say that Boston is a tourist’s paradise. This is mainly because this is one of the top ten tourist destinations in the US, due to the multitude of historical sites, museums, as well as live performances. Almost 17 million visitors pass through this wonderful city every year searching for new thrills or to experience the wide variety of wonderful things to do in Boston.

If you plan to make this magnificent city your future holiday destination, this list consists of the most memorable things to do in Boston during your stay.

1. Visit The Museum of Fine Arts

Boston museum of fine arts

This grand construction harbors the fourth largest museum in the US. It has been founded in 1870 and currently contains over 450.000 works of art. In 2014 it ranked as one of the top 100 most visited museums with more than 1 million tourists per year. Among the vast collection, you can find ancient Egyptian artifacts, Chinese paintings, Japanese pottery and the Rothschild Collection. If you plan on visiting Boston, make sure you stop by this extraordinary museum. It is a great place that bursts with all sorts of information highly educational for you and your family, as well.

2. Enjoy the Mapparium

world map

Another incredible and unusual kind of museum worth visiting is the Mapparium. It offers the possibility of observing the political map of the world of 1935, due to the fact that this three story tall globe of stained glass was built in that particular year. You can view this impressive map from a special bridge that crosses the interior. The map hasn’t been updated due to the fact that it holds a special interest as a historical artifact.

3. Watch the Head of the Charles Regatta

rowing competition

This famous rowing head race attracts tens of thousands of spectators every October. This event ranks as the largest 2-day regatta in the world. Almost 11.000 athletes participate in 61 rowing competitions on the Charles Rives every year. The age of the athletes usually ranges between 14 to 85 years old. Also, experience levels vary between novice and Olympic. Furthermore, not only American athletes participate in these races, but also a wide range of international competitors, as well.

4. Take a Boating Lesson

boats on water

If you wish that your kids learn the secrets of rowing you can apply for a boating membership. This includes a wide range of sailing, kayaking and even windsurfing lessons. Each class usually lasts for about two days, and the price for this membership is of $100. However, if you plan on staying for a longer period of time, you can apply for the 60-day membership. The cost for this rises up to $159. Also, the participant must not be older than 18. Nevertheless, this activity makes for one of the most interactive and educational things to do in Boston while you enjoy your vacation.

5. Shop at Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market

plaza full of people

These are the oldest marketplaces of downtown Boston. They are filled with all sorts of shops and boutiques dedicated to tourists. Also, there are a lot of eateries where you can have everything from coffee, snacks and sweets to lobster rolls. Furthermore, everything comes off as cheap but tasty at the same time, so this makes for a great spot to take your family or friends out to lunch. The streets are filled with performers that deliver the best shows since they have to audition for their spot beforehand.

6. Explore the Minuteman Bikeway

trail in the woods

A great way to explore Boston’s countryside scenery is on this 10-mile-long bike trail. If you feel up to the challenge, you can rent a bike for a total of $20 and bike on one of the most heavily used rail trails in the US. If you feel that it is too much, consider that some people choose to skate or even walk the entire distance of this bike trail. As far as historical significance, this closely follows the path taken at the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

7. Have Fun at The Mystery Café

couple photo


If you’re on the lookout for some high-quality entertainment and exciting things to do in Boston, this is the perfect place to go to. This unusual café hosts one of the most famous escape room type of activities in the city. You can take part in this wonderful game show with either your family or friends. Make sure to put this on your list of most exciting things to do while in Boston. There is no doubt that you will leave the Mystery Café with a lot of unforgettable and fun memories.

8. Take a Walk in Harvard Square

helicopter shot of the Harvard plaza


This magnificent place serves a multitude of purposes. You can choose to take a tour of the Harvard University, or the historic cemetery and then use your spare time to shop around. It is a great place for tourists since it features a lot of gift and souvenir shops. Also, if you get hungry, you can grab a bite at one of the restaurants or maybe just grab a coffee and read a book in silence. If you didn’t bring your favorite one with you, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of excellent bookstores around which you can visit.

9. Take a Romantic Stroll in the Boston Common and Public Garden

panoramic shot of a park

If you fancy long walks in the park, you must put this on your things to do in Boston list. The Boston Common and Public Garden is a pair of two large public parks originally established in 1634. This makes it one of the oldest public spaces in the US. Once you get there, you can either ride the famous Swan Boats or enjoy your walk over the world’s shortest suspension bridge. It is a wonderful sight to see that will leave you breathless. Also, if you feel the need for a break, you can always visit the Cheers bar. This place is particularly famous for the number of tourists it receives every year.

10. Shop at The Cambridge Side Galleria

Boston shopping mall

If you want to end your trip on a high note and spoil yourself, you can go shopping in one of the two largest malls in Boston. The Cambridge Side Galleria fist opened in 1990 and now features 120 stores. Also, it is the only mall in Boston that benefits from direct access by boat. If you don’t wish to choose this means of transportation, you can still get there by a free shuttle van. In the end, the architectural design of the building itself will leave you breathless, not to mention the diversity of shopping centers you can choose from.


If you plan on visiting Boston, you should know that the best time of the year for this is anywhere between early to late summer. Furthermore, this list of 10 amazing things to do in Boston will help you plan your trip in accordance to your personal preferences.

Apart from ranking as one of the oldest US establishments, Boston, Massachusetts is home to many historical attractions and impressive museums as well as art collections. Together with the cultural diversity and the multitude of tourist attractions, this comes off as a great holiday destination for either travelers, families or couples altogether.

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