8 Marvelous Things to Do in Baltimore

Home to the first dental school, there are many unique things to do in Baltimore, MD. The airport is the only city in the United States to have a trail dedicated to hiking and biking. The National Anthem was written in this city. Babe Ruth was born here along with Michael Phelps. The city has more than 220 neighborhoods, so it would take you a long time to explore each one. Beer six packs were invented here. If you are looking for fun things to do in Baltimore, then consider these top choices.

1. Discover Art at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Participate in the hands-on activities held each Sunday morning at the Baltimore Museum of Art. This is one of the best things to do in Baltimore this weekend. Stroll through the largest collection of Henri Matisse’s works in the world. See the 2,000 objects of African art. The Antioch mosaics are beautiful. On pretty days, leave time to walk through the Sculpture Garden featuring over 34 sculptures from artists around the world. Since the exhibits are always changing, returning here often is one of the fun things to do in Baltimore. The beautiful building was designed by John Russell Pope, and it is an outstanding example of Roman Temple architecture.

  • Best for: Couples and families.
  • Season: Open all year.
  • Address: 10 Art Museum Drive Baltimore, Maryland 21218.

2. Make Your Own Art at the Walters Art Museum

Something exciting occurs often at the Walters Art Museum making it one of the most rewarding things to do in Baltimore. This museum was started by Henry Walters who donated more than 22,000 works of art to the museum. See over 100 gold objects from the ancient Americas. Children particularly like the large collection of Japanese arms and armor. View Islamic art dating back to about 800 A.D. The changing exhibitions means there is always something new to explore making it one of the most rewarding things to do in Baltimore frequently. On weekends, visitors can create their own art at this museum.

  • Best for: Couples and families.
  • Season: Open all year.
  • Address: 600 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.

3. Visit the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was one of the first major religious buildings constructed in the United States after the signing of the United States Constitution. Many of the first bishops in the United States received their consecration here. This neoclassical-style building was designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe with the help of President Thomas Jefferson. View the artwork including portraits given to the cathedral by King Louis XVIII of France. The best way to see this building is to take the guided tours that are offered each weekday. Kneel for prayer in the small Pope John Paul II Prayer Garden.

  • Best for: Couples and families.
  • Season: Open all year.
  • Address: 409 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.

4. Root for the Orioles at Camden Yards

The playing field at Camden Yards is one of the few fields in major league baseball that is actually underground. In fact, the field sits 16 feet below ground level. Before the Orioles played at Camden Yards, they played at Memorial Stadium. The same foul poles were used at both locations. Chances are that fans will sit in a dark green seat as there are only two orange seats in the stadium. The first commemorates Cal Ripken Junior’s recording breaking home run on July 15, 1993, while the second pays tribute to Eddie Murray’s 500th career home run. Camden Yards is one of the very few stadiums where the outfield walls are straight instead of curved.

  • Best for: Couples and families.
  • Season: April through October Check schedule.
  • Address: 333 West Camden Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201.

5. Solve the Mysteries at the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death

If you wander to the third floor of the Maryland Medical Examiner’s Office, then you find 18 dioramas of unsolved murders. These models were constructed during the 1940s by Frances Glessner Lee of Chicago. Each was created based on details from police investigations and eyewitnesses. Each diorama is carefully built so that one inch equals one foot of the crime scene. Reportedly, the television series Murder She Wrote drew its beginning inspiration from these crime dioramas. The names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent at this fascinating display. Frances Glessner Lee is called the Godmother of Crime Scene Investigation.

  • Best for: Couples and families.
  • Season: Open Year Round.
  • Address: 900 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21223.

6. Explore the Inner Harbor

Once the main industrial and maritime area of Baltimore, visiting the Inner Harbor is one of the most popular things to do in Baltimore. Stroll through the American Visionary Art Museum containing a collection of revolutionary art from non-professional artists. Understand history by going to the Baltimore Civil War Museum that is open only on weekends. Imagine life aboard one of the historic ships docked near the pier. Explore the interactive exhibits at the Maryland Science Center. See the 17,000 specimens of marine life at the National Aquarium. Climb to the top of the Top of the World. This building is the largest tallest pentagonal structure in the world. Take a cruise on the bay. The best time to visit the Inner Harbor is during the Christmas season as it is home to an ice skating rink and Christmas market.

  • Best for: Couples and families Involves a lot of walking.
  • Season: Open Year Round Some events occur seasonally.
  • Address: downtown Baltimore, Maryland.

7. Step into the Literary World of Edgar Allen Poe at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum

This extremely compact museum is full of things impacting Edgar Allen Poe’s life making it one of the most unique things to do in Baltimore. This home is also a great example of a typical Baltimore row house. Poe lived in this home from 1833-1835. Much of the home has been restored to the way that it looked at that time. It was while Poe was living in Baltimore that he found his first success after being introduced to an editor of Southern Literary Messenger magazine. See the telescope used by Poe. Learn about his interest in astronomy. See the tiny bedroom where it is believed that he did most of his writing.

  • Best for: Couples and families.
  • Season: Open April through October Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Address: 203 North Amity Street Baltimore, Maryland 21223.

8. Take a Train Ride at the B&O Railroad Museum

Take a ride on the first mile of train track laid in america aboard the mile one express at the B&O Railroad Museum. Seeing the largest collection of 19th-century locomotives in the U.S. is one of the historical things to do in Baltimore. Learn the importance that the railroad played during the Civil War. See the special exhibits marking important points in history where trains played an important part. Children adore a visit to this museum featuring three special trains just for them. Model railroad enthusiasts love the outdoor exhibit area featuring many G-scale layouts.

  • Best for: Couples and families.
  • Season: Open Wednesday-Saturday April to December Some weekends in January.
  • Address: 901 West Pratt Street Baltimore, Maryland 21223.

There are so many different things to do in Baltimore, MD. that everyone will find something that suits their personality. View art or create your own at the Baltimore Museum of Art or at Walters Art Museum. Tour the first basilica built in America. Solve unsolved mysteries at Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death. Yell for the home team at Camden Yards or take a train ride at the B&O Museum. You will not be able to do it all in one weekend, so make sure to stay as long as you can to do all the fun things in Baltimore. You can also read about the main attractions of Washington, if you plan visiting this neighbor city.

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