6 Exciting Things to do in Atlanta

If you wish to experience the charm of the old South, it is a must that you visit Atlanta, Georgia. It is the 9th largest metropolitan area in the US. Hence, you will never run out of new and interesting things to do in Atlanta during your stay.

Throughout history, Atlanta has been burnt to the ground and then rebuilt and even experienced the horrors of the American Civil War. Nevertheless, it now stands as one of the most prominent cities of the US. Also, the Centennial Olympic Games of 1996 were hosted there. We have compiled a list of the most exciting, fun and memorable things to do in Atlanta to ensure you make the best out of your trip.

1. Take a Walk in the Centennial Olympic Park

water fountain

This attraction drags in millions of tourists annually. It was built as part of the infrastructure improvements for the Centennial Olympics of 1996. If you find yourself in Atlanta and wish to go for a walk in the park, you should definitely check out the Fountain of Rings.

The thing that sets this particular fountain apart is the fact that a computer controls the jets of water. Furthermore, together with the synchronized music and light shows, this makes for a spectacular sight to see. There are four shows a day, every day of the year that you can attend to. Also, once the show is over, the hosts recommend using this fountain to cool off. It is a very common thing there and quite fun, for that matter. So, if you find yourself in the downtown area, be sure to cross this off your fun things to do in Atlanta list.

2. Enjoy the World of Coca-Cola

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Atlanta is home to one of the most famous beverage companies in the world. You can find here the Coca-Cola headquarters that is also open to the public. This museum showcases the detailed history of the world renowned drink with everything from Coca-Cola advertising artifacts to the vault containing the secret formula. Also, the tourists can witness the entire bottling process in great detail. After that, everyone goes to the upper level in order to taste the product. The samples are free, but there is an admission fee which you have to pay in order to take the tour of the factory. The “Taste It!” exhibit includes 64 samples of products offered by Coca-Cola that the visitors can try.

On the way out, there is a large Coca-Cola themed gift and souvenir shop. It features thousands of Coke collectibles that the guests can purchase. The store is available from outside the museum, as well.

3. Take a Trip to the Georgia Aquarium

shark exhibit

Once the largest aquarium in the world, this impressive aquarium now ranks as the largest of the whole western hemisphere. The Georgia Aquarium is home to multiple specimens of manta rays, whale sharks, bottlenose dolphins and even beluga whales. Also, this is the only aquarium in the world that features whale sharks outside of Asia.

It is composed of three main sections. The Georgia Pacific Cold Water Quest features species of animals generally found in polar and temperate regions of the world. Ocean Voyager is the largest exhibit that hosts multiple species of fish and several thousand specimens. This makes it the largest indoors aquatic habitat in the world. Tropical Diver hosts its own cultivated live coral and a wide range of Indo-Pacific tropical fish. Furthermore, the aquarium also features 4D shows with multiple exhibits that consist of various animal species identification.

4. Visit the Zoo Atlanta

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This is one of the four zoos in the US that currently house giant pandas. The zoo features multiple exhibits worth visiting. The Ford African Rain Forest is home to several silverback gorillas, African birds, lemurs as well as some species of monkeys. Boundless Budgies: A Parakeet Adventure is something your kids wouldn’t want to miss for sure. It houses free-flying parakeets and the guests are permitted to hand-feed them. Trader’s Alley and Complex Carnivores exhibition focuses on species affected by the international wildlife trade. It houses Malayan sun bears, bush dogs and raccoon dogs among other species.

The facility also features a petting zoo that includes dwarf goats, babydoll sheep and even a Kune Kune pig. All in all, visiting Zoo Atlanta will make for a memorable and fun experience for you and your family.

5. Attend Dragon*Con


halo cosplay

This is a mostly sci-fi convention that has recently started to adopt other areas as well. It is a 4-day event that comprises a total of almost 3500 hours of workshops, demonstration and seminars. If you are passionate about fantasy characters, sci-fi movies or gaming, this is the best place you can find yourself at while visiting Atlanta.

It reels in almost 80.000 tourists each year thanks to the multitude of the celebrities that also gather here from all across the world for the Q&A panels. It might come off as a little bit pricey, starting at $40 for a 2-days pass. However, if you want to go to this awesome convention, be sure not to miss the costume parade.

6. Check out the Chomp and Stomp Chili and Bluegrass Festival

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Every year the Cabbagetown Park in Atlanta hosts the famous Chomp and Stomp Festival. Multiple chefs take part in a chili cook-off competition and also offer free tastings to all the guests. In order to attend this event, all you need is a lot of courage and a $5 spoon that is available for sale on the festival’s grounds. At the same time, lots of talented musicians fill the atmosphere with delightful bluegrass tunes.

The festival also features other unique events such as bobbing for Brussels sprouts, slaw eating contests or cabbage shredding. So, if you are short on ideas of things to do in Atlanta in November, be sure to put this on your list. It will certainly make for an awesome as well as fun experience for you and your family.


This awesome list of 6 things to do in Atlanta will keep you and your family or friends quite busy. If you plan on staying for a longer period of time get a city pass and see everything Atlanta has to offer. Also, you will save some money at the same time. This will come in as quite handy when you go shopping for presents or souvenirs. All in all, Atlanta makes for one of the best holiday destinations with a lot of interesting places to visit, nice people to meet and fun activities to share with your loved ones.

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