Tasting a Good Wine in the French Regions

french wineries

French areas are popular for their tasty and good win with lots of tourists coming here to admire and visit the most famous vineyards, knowing that France is the second largest wine producer behind Italy. From expensive high quality wines sold in other countries to modest wines located within France, it is the place where you can find a diverse variety of many grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot nOIR, Sauvignon Blanc and others that are planted throughout the world and have been adopted by other countries.

If you are planning an exciting trip this summer to a French region, we mention only a few of them like Bordeaux and Burgundy, two important and internationally known wine-producing areas that are worth a visit, along with others such as Provence, Loire Valley and more.

Usually made to accompany the food, a good glass of wine is also a great occasion to celebrate a happy moment or a success so much awaited and share it with a beloved friend. Let’s see which are the most famous vineyards in France to visit and several highlights about them.

Burgundy and its vineyards are really famous in France and cover a land in the south-est part of the Burgundian capital, Dijon which is a beautiful location with impressive landscapes. Surprised how small vineyards are, tourists will be tempted to walk around them. It is said that selected areas of Burgundy vineyard come with a specific classification, producing high quality wine withing different colors and tastes. The best Burgundy wines are red and can keep for about 20 or 30 years. As a tip, 2003 is considered to be one of the best vintages wines.

Bordeaux wine is special and appreciated by many wine lovers. The region is one of the most well-known and the most extensive wine producing area in France. Moreover, the vineyard Bordeaux has an immediate access to the sea, which is a great advantage that allowed to be the country’s major wine exporting region. 2009 seems to be an extraordinary good vintage year. Try a Bordeaux wine along with a foie gras and you’ll experience an amazing taste.

Alsace region is especially known for producing mostly white wines, the place where you can find 12 varieties of grape such as muscat ottonel, riesling, pinot gris, pinot blacn, chardonnay or the very fruity Gewurztraminer. It is located in the Rhine valley between Strasbourg and Mulhouse, the Alsace vineyard is rather different from the rest of French wine areas, focused more on producing dry or fruity white wines.

Loire Valley  is a diverse region wine where different brands of wines are produced ranked as ones of the best and greatest French wines. You’ll find here white, roses or pale reds, where you’ll not forget a tasty Savignon Blanc and others.

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