The Carnival of Venice

“Life is a Theater. It’s time to get masked!” is the motto of the most popular and beloved carnival in Italy, which dates back for more than 700 years. Carnival officially starts in mid-January and ends 40 days before Easter, on the day of Lent. A carnival is a medieval pagan holiday which has strong… Continue reading The Carnival of Venice

3 Festivals in India

India is a land of many religions and festivals. Every festival is marked by a deep philosophical meaning and it is usually dedicated to a Indian deity or important annual event like crop harvesting or welcoming the spring or rain. The Indian calendar is a long procession of festivals characterized by prayers, rituals, colors, enthusiasm,… Continue reading 3 Festivals in India

Summer Music Festivals 2013 in Spain

Summer isn’t only the perfect season for tourists to go on vacation and enjoy a few sunny days with crystal clear water, white sands or feel the air breeze; it’s about music festivals too with different types from rock, electronic, to punk or dance. There are several of ways to express and share music. Summer… Continue reading Summer Music Festivals 2013 in Spain

Upcoming European Summer Music Festivals in 2013

Everybody knows that summer is the perfect timing for lots of music festivals. You can choose your music genre, because many festivals are themed from electronic, folk, christian music to rock concerts, electronic or even hardcore such as punk or metal to satisfy all tastes. Music festivals are the best way for everyone to express their love… Continue reading Upcoming European Summer Music Festivals in 2013

Hottest Music Festivals of 2013 in Europe

Summer is the season of music festivals. From rock to indie, punk or dance, there are many ways to express yourself through music. Music celebrations are probably the most popular kind of manifestations, and no matter what country you are from, music comes in so many forms and styles that it is impossible not to… Continue reading Hottest Music Festivals of 2013 in Europe