A Medieval Experience in Prague

Dreaming of the perfect get-away? How about a medieval experience in Prague? Romantic yet thrilling, Prague attracts more tourists than ever because of the fascinating history it conceals within its walls. Although it has been overthrown, invaded, set on fire and flooded it has maintained a reputation for survival and perseverance.  For those of you… Continue reading A Medieval Experience in Prague

Budget Travel in South Korea

Budget travel is very possible in South Korea if you are traveling on a shoe-string budget. Like many Asian countries, South Korea is very modern and cosmopolitan. It has a large number of Christian and Buddhist population, which have helped create an interesting culture and heritage, which was very influenced by the Chinese traditions. Here… Continue reading Budget Travel in South Korea

3 Festivals in India

India is a land of many religions and festivals. Every festival is marked by a deep philosophical meaning and it is usually dedicated to a Indian deity or important annual event like crop harvesting or welcoming the spring or rain. The Indian calendar is a long procession of festivals characterized by prayers, rituals, colors, enthusiasm,… Continue reading 3 Festivals in India

Enjoy a Trip to Egypt This Spring

Egypt remains a captivating place for tourists to visit, starting with its rich ancient civilization, and thinking of the Egyptians, the desert area, a fascinating culture or its famous and worldwide known pyramids. Many people believe that a trip to Egypt is manly about a visit to pyramids or a walk with the camel, but… Continue reading Enjoy a Trip to Egypt This Spring