Budget Travel in South Korea

Budget travel is very possible in South Korea if you are traveling on a shoe-string budget. Like many Asian countries, South Korea is very modern and cosmopolitan. It has a large number of Christian and Buddhist population, which have helped create an interesting culture and heritage, which was very influenced by the Chinese traditions. Here… Continue reading Budget Travel in South Korea

Honeymoons in Asian Heavens

Move over Paris, this year’s honeymoon vacations have another destination in mind : Asia. If you thought marriages were made in heaven, then an Asian honeymoon must have been made in the Eden’s Garden! Asia is a huge continent, and naturally it is full of wonderful places. Here is the top five places to choose… Continue reading Honeymoons in Asian Heavens

Top Reasons to Include Hong Kong in Your Next Travel Destination

Planning a long summer trip this summer, but you’re not sure about your next travel destination? What about Asia? It’s an extraordinary place on earth to discover with their specific culture, mentality, priceless views and landscapes, welcoming people and other interesting areas to explore. If you are seeing shopping as a real therapy for relaxation… Continue reading Top Reasons to Include Hong Kong in Your Next Travel Destination