Top Summer Travel Apps

Summer travel app

Ready to spend your summer vacation in the most beautiful and relaxing place in the world? No matter how excited you are about the upcoming travel destination, remember to take your smartphone or tablet. There’s no secret anymore the way these gadgets have facilitate your lives. Anything you need to do or find out, there’s surely an application for it.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, the smartphone is a must-have gadget that will help make your journey easier. Need a good deal to find the best accommodation? There’s no free Wi-Fi in your hotel room? No need to worry, you’ll find a free app for that. We all know how many free or paid apps you can find in the store, but we wonder which one is the best. Sometimes, you may download or pay for an usefulness app.

Summer travel app


Check out this list with a selection of some of the best summer travel apps:

JetSetter is a great option that offers instant bookings and an excellent travel experience for users. It has been purchased by travel company TripAdvisor and it can be downloaded for free on iPad or iPhone. The app comes with a user friendly, clean and simple interface, allowing users to find the best offers available.

Viber can be one of the most popular app to text and make voice calls over Wi-Fi. No registration is required, but both users engaged in a conversation need to have the app downloaded. Claiming to have more than 200 million users registered, it competes with other free services like Apple’s Face Time that has the video call option. Viber is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry or Nokia phones.

Wi-Fi Finder is the perfect choice for tourists without free Wi-Fi in their hotel rooms or on the road. It can indicate over 650,000 Wi-Fi locations in 114 countries and users need to have the GPS active, so the app find the nearest hot spot and how to get there. Moreover, it can select by location type and find a restaurant, hotel or cafe within US. Therefore, finding official hot-spots, it will discourage all those persons that are using an “non-encrypted” public network. It is available for both Android and iOS.

OutCast is a recent app launched last year for iOS and Android and uses weather-service data from thousands of persons to give details about the weather two hours in advance. There are other apps from this category, but they are more pricey. Users can download the OutCast app for $1.99.

Hopper is an awesome travel app that users adore. The application helps you find the cheapest flights to your chosen destination. Thus, you can save up to 40% on your flight. It also shows you the best times when cheap flight deals are available. With Hopper you can buy flights in less than 1 minute and be sure you got the cheapest airline ticket. Hopper for iOS and Hopper for Android  are free to download. Know when to fly and save money with the bunny! 

As you can see, technology will certainly help you when you are on the go. These travel apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, you can download most of these apps for free. If you want to start planning your summer holiday now, our list of best summer travel apps will help you find the best hotels or the cheapest flights.


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