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There is no such thing as the student life. It is probably the best time of every young’s life with pros and cons, memorable experiences, not to many worries and a lot of fun. When it comes to travelling and you are on a limited budget, it may be expensive and you can’t afford it.

Wise people recommend to travel while you are young and dynamic, but what happens when you don’t have enough money? You probably start making plans, budgeting and even postponing your dreaming travel. It is perfectly legit and understandable. If you don’t know exactly how to cope with this situation, even on a student budget, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Maybe they can be useful.

  1. Travel with an InterRail pass – Probably one of the best choice and budget-friendly way to travel around Europe is by taking an InterRail pass. If you choose to travel within a specified time, you can even get a pass free and includes well-known destination like France, Germany or the Benelux. Aside from a train travel experience, students get to benefit from affordable price tickets. For those interested in a journey like this, they can find more infos here. InterRail is a great alternative to plane.
  2. Voluntary work through an organisation. Workaway is a special organisation that enables connections between people and families, other organisations or individuals all over the world who will offer food and lodging in return of some voluntary activities.  Sounds quite interesting and the benefits of networking or life experiences. It may be rather difficult as a work experience, but you may be finally realize the effort worth it.
  3. If there is enough adventurous spirit inside you, you can always go for backpacking. And only think of its benefits: good health, meeting new people, admiring the beauty of nature and others to keep in mind. Plus, you can always eliminate the costs for accommodation or travelling. You can opt for climbing up the mountain or choose for try a different way of travelling: hitching. Probably not the safest way to transportation, hitching or known as auto-stopping in parts of Europe is a good alternative for brave students. Still,there are a few cheap destinations like India, Laos or Morocco that offers pleasant place to stay for a good price tag.

Before you decide adventuring yourself into a trip, choose wisely your destination. While technology has greatly evolved, there are many handful resources to search. Even though, Google remains a handy solution for a quick searching. An UK student has shared its experience and though and recommended also to try some cities from South America, because you can find low living costs. But Eastern Europe is also a great option. Excepting the chosen location, an advance booking plus cheaper places to stay: hostels, cheaper hotels and a must have insurance are also things to consider while travelling.

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