Roamz, the New Neat App for Travelers

roamz_web_nyAre you stuck in a new city with nothing to do? With this new app you can discover interesting places and stay tuned to all the events in the area. Roamz is a new application which aims to take advantage of more technologies at the same time. It is a brand new super smart android and IPhone function which can create and interpret information about local attractions with the help of social and positioning systems.

Roamz is basically local sensitive app that will help you know everything about your surroundings. The problem with local guidebooks is that they are usually outdated, and local people might not know all the interesting places to see, but with this clever function you will never be left out again. It has a very clean interface, which is equipped with a search bar that responds to terms like “music” and “karaoke”. After typing in the keyword you will obtain numerous results which can be detailed by tapping the phone. This means you will be informed about locations, dates and general things you should know.

Another neat feature is that Roamz is designed to save a list of your preferred locations, and it will let you know if something new is happening there, and it becomes more intelligent if it is used. This can come in handy when on the road. The application also allows you to connect with the popular social media outlets, which means you can share stuff with your friends or family. If you compare it with other similar software (eg. Gowalla or Foursquare ) you will immediately see the difference. What truly sets Roamz apart from these apps is its intelligence. The product was designed to point out only coherent data about your selected attractions, restaurants, pubs.

You can think of this great app as you personal tour guide which will never let you miss out on the great things. Imagine you are at home and you are bored out of your mind, or you are in a new place you know nothing about, there are great things happening at places around you all the time, and with the help of your “personal guide” you will also know what to do. The motto of this incredible new app is actually “Roamz, be a local”.

This are the basic things you should know about this app, and after using it a few times I can say that it has helped me discover some neat places I new nothing about. The fact that you can read about other people’s opinions is also a plus, but the best thing about it is that it is 100% free. As useful for locals as it is for tourists, this easy to use app will not disappoint.

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