Resorts in Costa Brava

Why not just pack our bags and fly away to a destination that will always leave us wanting more of its sandy beaches, clear waters and lovely company – Costa Brava – where vineyards and wooded hills unwind alongside wonderful bays, where villages are to be found around small beaches and where instead of fast food places and burger bars one can find chic and cozy promenades with small cafes.

One of the three largest resorts is Calella de Palafrugell – a fishing village at start, has become an attractive holiday choice due to its reasonably peaceful streets and turquoise water.  There are many hotels worth considering, like the Batlle Hotel, overlooking the main beach, and with its red lips hanging over each bed, or the San Roc Hotel with its bright rooms and breathtaking views. For those of you spending the holiday with the entire family, the Torre Hotel is an excellent choice, with a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly feel.

If you are in the search of something a bit more elegant, however, there is always Llafranc, a somewhat smaller resort with several mentionable hotels: Llafranch Hotel, situated in the main square, known for being one of Salvador Dali’s favourite retreats; or the Llevant Hotel, also a three star hotel, with delightful sea views and a good restaurant. The four-star Hotel El Far is one of the most inviting places in Llafranc, an elegant 200-year-old stone mansion with nine rooms, all with terraces and jaw-dropping views of the sea.

The best way to truly enjoy the Spanish Coastline experience is to rent a private villa which will offer you intimacy, a chance to take care of yourself and have some peace and relaxation. If you are interested in such a vacation you can view more villas for rent on the Witebeach site.

Tamariú is also an appealing resort because it is the smallest one in the region, where narrow streets spread like sun rays alongside wooded scenery, bays of sand and rocks. The only downside is that the resort shuts down at 11 pm, making nightlife not so appealing. Another resort that is worth mentioning is Cadaquès, where Dali lived, because of the feeling of seclusion and privacy it offers even though its beach is quite small and pebbly.

All things considered, Costa Brava is an ideal vacation spot for newlyweds as well as families or groups of friends, and whether or not you are looking for an active nightlife or a relaxed evening in quaint bars, the resorts pretty much meets any man’s need – just board the plane and check it out for yourself.

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