Poconos – Top 15 Things To Do And Places To Visit

Arial view of Pocono Mountains in Summer

The Poconos Mountains is a gem that offers the very best amenities and it certainly lives up to what a vacation spot ought to be. There is so much to choose from in this earthly paradise. It has a vast array of beautiful and natural landscapes, which makes this a natural escape for anyone.

Situated in Northern Pennsylvania, this landmark occupies 2,400 square miles. The Poconos overlooks the Delaware River to the east and Wyoming to the west. It is bordered on the north and south by Lake Wallenpaupack and Lehigh Valley respectively.

Visitors can easily imagine what this location brings to the weary traveler. It is encapsulated by spectacular scenes from nature all around. This makes it an ideal location to get away from it all.

Things to do in the Poconos

It is a nature lover’s destination, with its forested mountain peaks, rivers, beaches, and waterfalls. The recreational activities at the water park, like zipping downhill on skis, beckon to the most daring souls. There are also some gentler exploits, such as horseback riding.

For those individuals who just want to rest, there are boating and fishing activities aplenty on the lake. The nature trails with beautifully preserved flora and fauna makes for enjoyable walks. And there is no limit to the number of activities that you can do here in Northern Pennsylvania.

But to make it easier to plan your trip, we will explore the top 15 things to do in the Poconos.

1. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

This area is considered one of nature’s wonders that are simply spectacular. It has been consistently attracting a flood of tourists for years. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area contains 40 miles of the Delaware River and 67,000 acres of mountainous regions.

This is deeply supplied with thousands of trees lining the forests, floodplains, ravines, and valleys. The forest is home to many animals including foxes, chipmunks, deer, and bears. It is a true testament to nature’s splendor.

The hiking trails that cover over 100 miles lead to breathtaking waterfalls and ravines. Other than the treasures of nature, visitors can enjoy other recreational activities such as zip lining, bird watching, canoeing, parasailing and white-water rafting.

This National Recreational Area was established in 1978. It is a comprehensive place that is full of activities. You may leave here wanting to come back in short order.

2. Hickory Run State Park

This park can be found in Carbon County and is approximately 15,990 acres. It sits on the less forested area of the Poconos mountain foothills, and it is infamous for being the site where Boulder Field is located. It is a flat space with several large boulders that give the impression that you are walking on the surface of the moon.

Sand Spring Lake not only provides a cool and refreshing place to chill, but is also a great terrain for orienteering courses. These are extremely enjoyable activities for the adventurous, and it will make you feel like you are in an episode of a survival reality show.

The Hickory Run State Park also has a disc golf field, a beach where swimming is actually allowed, as well as picnic tables and other basic amenities. The streams and lakes that are littered throughout the park are great for trout fishing.

During the winter, the park gets very busy with snowmobilers and cross-country skiers on designated trails.

3. No. 9 Coal Mine and Museum

Buried 1,600 feet into the mountain is the No. 9 Coal Mine, which is the oldest coal mine in Lansford, Pennsylvania. It has the longest continuous service in its class, and it has been functional from 1855 through to 2002.

After it was closed, the history of the place spurred its metamorphosis. And now, it is a tourist attraction and a museum.

Visitors are allowed to explore the mines under the auspices of a tour guide, who will give detailed accounts of the dark experiences that the miners endured. You will be shown the elevator shaft that descends 900 feet underground that was actually used to lug coal cars to the surface.

Included in the tour is the miners’ hospital as well as the mule-way.

The museum has a collection of artifacts and tools that the miners used. These include their drills, axes, shovels, and even their caps. It is truly a trip to another point in time that will stimulate any historian’s brain.

4. Great Wolf Lodge Waterpark

This water park adds a new dimension to kid-friendly and family-oriented fun. It is situated in Scotrun, which is a little town resting between Tannersville and Mount Pocono.

Travelers can fully experience this park, beginning with the hotel suites.

They feature ‘wolf dens’ and a kids’ camp with kiddie bunk beds. The children may not want to sleep much here. If you consider the massive water park equipped with water slides, pools, thrill rides, and so much more, they will be too busy and excited.

Children will also get a thrill of a lifetime when they play at Fort Mackenzie. Here, they get soaked with water before making their escape through the Totem Tower Slide. The more daring visitors can try the Hydro Plunge, which is a roller coaster that is made completely of water. The adults too can have their fun at the North Hot Spring, where they get to relax in a soothing pool while the young ones are playing somewhere else (no kids allowed here!).

5. Promised Land State Park

Standing majestically at over 1,800 feet above sea level is the Promised Land State Park. This plot of land is made up of 3,000 acres of natural wonderland. It is engulfed by oak, maple, and hemlock trees that provide coverage.

The park has two lakes, one of which is suitable for picnicking, and this is usually where the adventure begins.

It is also great for a family outing or an adventure in the wild since there are activities to suit everyone. You can find playgrounds for the kids, a basketball and volleyball court, as well as two beaches where you can relax. Concession stands in the park offer boats for rent, so you can go out onto the lake.

Anglers will love this park since fishing here could mean catching bass, pickerel, or catfish. There are also nature trails in this region, and they are superb for bird watching, exploring, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature.

6. Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm

This piece of property is geared towards the preservation of Pennsylvania’s German heritage. Visitors often enjoy their visit here when the guides don authentic German garb and re-enact scenes from daily farm life.

They also impart information about Johann Depper, the founder of the farm.

It is a farm in every sense of the word. You can roam the actual pastures, wade through the streams, and check in on the livestock. There are a variety of animals here including horses, chickens, pigs, goats, and cows. The land is 114 acres in total and has barns, a cabin, and a classic farmhouse.

Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm is open to the general public. Visitors can avail themselves of the tour guides, who will make this trip even more meaningful. The farm can be rented for special occasions such as weddings or parties.

7. Kalahari Waterpark

This water park is unlike any other, as it is 10,000 square feet of African-inspired fun and entertainment.

Visitors to Kalahari can enjoy the indoor surfing and waterslides that are sure to appeal to the entire family. You can relax by the river or lounge in the hot tub as well. An added treat is the retractable roof that is highly necessary and convenient on hot summer days.

The area is not independent, but is a part of a resort comprising 460 suites. What this means is that there are added amenities to benefit from like restaurants, spas, and a family entertainment center. For even more convenience, there is a convention center, which makes this a great place to host business meetings, parties, and other special celebrations.

8. Claws ‘N’ Paws

Summer and fall seasons often make the perfect times to visit this petting zoo in the Poconos. A series of exciting shows are hosted here throughout these peak months, and it generally attracts thousands of visitors yearly.

Guests get the chance to interact with over 120 different species of animals including deer, alligators, parrots and even pythons. Children will love the cute and cuddly baby animals that also live there. The Claws ‘N’ Paws facility allows visitors to feed the parrots, but only while staff members are present.

The Dinosaur Outpost also makes for an interesting adventure space. Both adults and children can dig for fossils here.

9. F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts

If you crave entertainment during your visit to the Poconos, this is the place that will definitely satisfy your hunger. The F.M Kirby Center for the Performing Arts hosts a variety of shows for both visitors to the Mountains and residents from the nearby towns.

The building has a stunning architectural design with its five huge lobbies, towering columns, and ornate doors that add to the aesthetic appeal.

The theater seats over 2,000 guests.

It is also more than capable of accommodating visitors who come to see plays, comedy portrayals and musicals. A variety of artists pass through this theater, including live bands. Be sure to stop here and feed your artistic side when you visit the Poconos.

10. Susquehanna Brewing Company

Even if you do not drink alcohol, you might still love a tour of this brewing company. Susquehanna is family-owned and has been in the same clan for six generations. A tour is hosted every Saturday starting at 2:00 p.m., and it is free to the public.

Tastings rooms are conveniently located on the premises, allowing guests to sample the brewery’s finest liquors. The Susquehanna Brewing Company is open Thursdays through Sundays, so there is ample time to get intimate with the brewery’s specialties.

There are also gift shops that sell souvenir items like sweatshirts, glasses, and baseball caps, all branded with the company logo and other information.

11. Jack Frost Mountain Resort

This is a well-known resort that has been in Pennsylvania since 1976. Its name comes from the Big Boulder ski section that is close to the resort. During ski season, snowboarders are able to purchase lift tickets both in-person and online.

Visitors to this resort can get season passes if they so choose.

The resort has plenty of items that are available to rent, so guests need not worry about bringing their own gear. The Jack Frost Mountain resort stays busy during the summer by hosting musicals and other family-friendly events.

12.Pocono TreeVentures

The Poconos is home to a variety of activities, and this place is by far one of the favorites among the adventurous.

Poconos TreeVentures is actually a series of obstacle courses positioned in the trees. There are a total of five courses over the 14 acres, each with varying difficulty levels. Participants receive both training and gear before they take off on each course.

In addition to the obstacle courses, two of the trees were transformed into climbing walls. Anyone who is interested can try climbing the 24 and 40-foot trees as many times as possible in 30 minutes.

TreeVentures has two zip lines positioned next to each other, which accommodates racing competitions.

Go out and Explore the Poconos

The Poconos Mountains is by far one of the richest areas for education, entertainment, cultural appreciation and natural beauty. There are several activities dotting the green mountainside and plains. Visitors can ride a zip line through the trees, go on obstacle courses, or have an adventure on water-made roller coasters.

For those that prefer to relax or do other activities, you can choose from a wide range of options among the lakes and picnic areas. Many options exist for both individuals and families, even beyond what is highlighted in the article.

Whichever adventure you prefer, you can have as much fun and enjoyment as you want when you visit the Poconos Mountains.

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