8 Best Old Town Scottsdale Restaurants

Scottsdale, Arizona is an amazing travel destination with a wide variety of activities and attractions. The city is enriched by the diverse culinary scene of Old Town. If you want to experience excellent food from a variety of cuisines, then visit any of the entries on our list of the best Old Town Scottsdale restaurants.

Each of our restaurant recommendations combines excellent service with amazing food. We will showcase restaurants specialized in different types of cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, Thai as well as American. Each of the following establishments won’t be ranked in any particular order, due to the fact that they all are highly appreciated in their different cuisine specializations.

1. Dominick’s Steakhouse

A steakhouse is a staple of American cuisine and surely Dominick’s Steakhouse does not disappoint, providing quality service and incredible food. It offers a wide variety of prime steaks and seafood complemented by simple yet delicious side dishes, and a large selection of wines. Feel free to consult the dinner menu if you need more convincing. Furthermore, the restaurant has a delightful atmosphere and vibrant energy to it, resembling a New York steakhouse. All these elements make it one of the best Old Town Scottsdale restaurants.

Dominick’s Steakhouse is located at 15169 North Scottsdale Road. You can make reservations at 480-272-7271.

2. EVO

EVO is a comfy, vibrant establishment trying to recreate the classic Italian dinner experience among the other more modern Old Town Scottsdale restaurants. It offers an inviting setting where you can indulge in a variety of timeless Italian dishes. Of course, you can choose from specialty pizzas and homemade pasta as well as fish and meat dishes. The food is complemented by an incredible assortment of drinks including cocktails, draft beers, a large variety of wines and champagne. If you have a specific Italian dish in mind, then you’re sure to find it on their extensive menu.

EVO is found at 4175 North Goldwater Boulevard Scottsdale, or at 480-265-9814.

3. Barrio Queen

Bario Queen Patio

Barrio Queen is one of most unique restaurants you’ll encounter in the Old Town part of Scottsdale. It emphasizes the traditional Mexican culinary and cultural experience. The large variety of exquisite dishes coupled with a slightly unorthodox design of the restaurant, create a captivating atmosphere which will make you feel like you’re in Mexico. The menu features the staples of Mexican cuisine (like burritos, enchiladas, and tacos), while also adding some unique twists you have to experience for yourself.

Bario Queen is located at 7114 E. Stetson Dr. Suite 105 Scottsdale. Although you can contact them at 480-656-4197, they don’t allow reservations.

4. Monarch Café

Monarch Cafe Patio

Monarch offers excellent contemporary American cuisine in a fine dining, romantic setting. Its sun-bathed patio with leafy vines and lanterns only enhances the incredible experience of some of the best American dishes in town. You can never get bored of this restaurant as the menu changes weekly. The chef uses organic and locally-sourced ingredients. The only constant feature of this restaurant is the wide variety of drinks, wines and cocktails alike, coupled with the amazing culinary and romantic experience you’ll have on every visit.

 You can easily find Monarch Café at 6934 E 1st Ave, Scottsdale as well as contact them at 480-970-7682.

5. Virtu

Virtu patio

Virtu is one of the newest and among the best in the already bustling scene of Old Town Scottsdale restaurants. It features a rustic setting which complements the Mediterranean theme of the cuisine.  The menu changes weekly, but it always includes a variety of home-made pasta, exquisite seafood dishes as well new creations from Chef Gio Osso.  Esquire Magazine considered Virtu one of the best new restaurants in the US. The praise was well-deserved as the quality of the service, design and food exceed expectations.

Virtu is easily accessible at 3701 N Marshall Way. You can make reservations at 480-946-3477.

6. The Mission

Inside of the Mission restaurant

The Mission restaurant serves excellent dishes inspired by modern Latin cuisine in a sophisticated yet casual setting. The conformable atmosphere of the restaurant allows people to enjoy incredible dishes that combine tradition and ingenuity. The menu includes specialties like Pork Shoulder tacos, Crispy Cola Pork, Malbec Braised Shortrib, and more. In addition, it also offers unique hand-pressed cocktails, an extensive list of wines and other drinks that are sure to suits all tastes. For these reasons, we included The Mission among the best Old Town Scottsdale restaurants.

The Mission is located at 3815 N. Brown Ave. Scottsdale. Reserve a table at 480-636-5005.

7. Sapporo

Fish dish with wine

Sapporo is among the few Old Town Scottsdale restaurants that offer a unique experience by combining different experiences into the duration of one meal. It provides a modern teppanyaki-style feast of flavors and entertainment. No matter which dish you pick from the restaurant’s extensive menu of Asian cuisine, the master chef will cook it right in front of you. It will both amaze and delight your senses. Its wide variety of drinks from different Asian cultures, including cocktails, will only enrich your overall experience.

Sapporo’s address is 14344 North Scottsdale Road. Call for a reservation at 480-607-1114.

8. Malee’s Thai Bistro

Malee's Thai Bisto Entrance


As its name suggests, Malee’s Thai Bistro offers some of the most exquisite Thai food you can find among Old Town Scottsdale restaurants. This establishment offers an upscale version of the traditional Thai restaurant while maintaining or surpassing the quality of traditional dishes. Malee’s Thai Bistro maintains an edge over its competitors by constantly improving and adding new dishes. Most of all, it’s a place where everyone can feel conformable while enjoying excellent exotic food. The extensive menu consists of both established Thai dishes and house specialties such as Malee’s Thai Chow Mein.

The restaurant can be easily found on 7131 E Main St, Scottsdale. Anyone can make a reservation at 480-947-6042.


This concludes our list of the best Old Town Scottsdale restaurants. Each of our recommendations specializes in a specific type of cuisine, from American to Italian and Asian. The restaurants offer both traditional dishes associated with the culture they are promoting and even unique experiences by combining different settings and one-of-a-kind specialties with a show, in some cases. In conclusion, no matter what type of food you are craving, the wide variety of Old Town Scottsdale restaurants are sure to meet your preferences and exceed your expectations.

What type of cuisine do you like the most? What restaurants are most appealing to you?


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