Must-Have Tech Products for Your Travel


Who doesn’t love travelling? Whether you go in another country for business or you are there for the much awaited vacation, it is important to carry a few essential tech products to get you through the lots of days and nights. Aside from your smartphone or tablet needed to be permanently connected and communicate, it is also essential to know which are those items required for any travel.

If you are travelling a lot and you are basically depending on your laptop, smartphone or tablet for your work to communicate with your colleagues, maybe you should keep an eye at the following list with must-have tech products to pack for your upcoming business travel.

1. Chargers are very important to carry during your journey, because any current powerful device will have a limited battery life and you will need to recharge it. A charging cable is always an useful and handy product to charge all devices. For example, Innergie’s Magic Trio is a great one, because it is a versatile cable that powers all your portable devices via three connection interfaces. It is compatible with all your Apple’s products: iPad, iPod or iPhone and comes with a simple yet efficient design, as well as light, so you can easily carry while on the go.

2. Connectivity is also an essential part, especially if you need to stay online during a press conference and transmit live via Twitter or other social channel various details from the event. Wi-Fi can be rather useful or not, with a more or less good connectivity that can fail when you can least expect it, lacking signal and  interrupting your important transmission. A good option is to use a Portable Router that can share a 3G/4G mobile connection and – preferably – to be a small and light one to take it on the road, with a good wireless speed. If there is an Ethernet line, you can connect the router which becomes a hot-spot and more persons can log on to its signal secured by a password and share the connectivity.

3. Maybe you need to talk with various clients on the phone or receive a call from your co-workers and you can concentrate because of the noise around you. A pair of headphones is very useful and convenient for these kind of situations, because they not only help you hear clearly a conversation or interview video, but some products can also connect your laptop via USB, as well as your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Look out for these products to ensure you have a productive and efficient business travel.

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