Mobile Apps for Travel to Make your Journey a Lot Easier

mobile apps for travel

No matter your reasons for travelling overseas, having your smartphone around and getting it ready for the travel destination is as important as packing your luggage. Travel mobile apps will be your best friend during your next local or international trip. You will love to hear that these travel apps are free. Here are our favorite mobile apps for travel to make your next journey a lot easier.

1. Google Maps

Whether you will travel locally or internationally, Google Maps remains one of the best mobile apps for travel. It is a super reliable map application, that will show you directions in unfamiliar places. Offline maps work great for an extended area of the world, so all you need to do is download them. Just hit the menu button, then select Offline Maps. Choose your area of interest, and then save the map to your device. Using the offline maps when you are abroad will save you data. Google Maps is available for iOS and Android, and download is free.

2. MapsWithMe Pro

What if, by any chance, you can’t have access to offline Google maps? How will you find the directions? You’ll surely need another travel app, and MapsWithMe Pro can be a good alternative. Compatible with both Android and iOS, this is one of the best mobile apps for international travel. The app is free and very fast. Offline maps are also available, to save you the costs of international mobile data, which can be high.

3. Skype WiFi

In many cases, when you are abroad, you are often looking for free Wi-Fi access in restaurants, cafes and other places you are joining. Sometimes you can be lucky to find, sometimes you aren’t, and you need to enter your card credit and pay for the hotspot. It can become a difficult job every time you are in a location. Skype WiFi for iOS and Android that allow users to connect and pay via a Skype credit. Costs differ by city and hotspot. The app is free, and works also with smartphones, tablets or thin laptops.

4. Tipping Bird for Android

Most of us love to know useful tricks, tips or gratuities about a certain place they are going to visit. Who doesn’t? Well, you may find Tipping Bird for Android as a very useful application that will tell you how much it is advisable to tip in restaurants, taxis or bars around the world. The app is so smart, that it converts between your home currency and the locally currency, and calculates the tip for you! Amazing, isn’t it?


The smartphone is probably the most important gadget to have in your global travelling. So, these mobile apps for travel will be tremendously helpful during your next trip. What other travel apps are you using? Share your recommendations in the comment form below!

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