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Pebble Beach of Crescent City

Mexico is renowned for its heritage, its resorts, its cuisine, and its people. It is also a great place to visit due to the myriad of beaches that can be found there. It is no wonder this country would have some of the best beaches in the world.

Mexico is a country with diverse cultures and terrain, blessed with varying deserts, mountains and jungles. The rich heritage of the Mayans often inspires many tourists to visit the country. There are many arrivals each year, consisting mostly of visitors going on archaeological and ecological expeditions to the Mayan ruins.

The colonial-era Spanish towns span the country and tell of a past that is worth hearing.

If you add to that the five-star all-inclusive resorts, some of which are rated the best in the world, you wind up with a country that makes a prime location for any kind of vacation. Its beaches are among its primary attractions, most of which are attached to grand hotels with luxurious accommodations.


Ancient ruins and jungles accentuate the beaches in Mexico. No matter what your preference is, believe us that there are many Mexican beaches to suit your palette.

It does not matter whether you are seeking romance, entertainment, or a cabana and a drink. Continue reading as we explore 15 beaches that are a must-see.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

Tulum Beach is an ideal destination for history lovers. It is renowned for the 14th-century Mayan ruins that provide a historical background. It is located on the southern section of the Riviera Maya and boasts crystal clear water, white sands and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

A selection of resorts is just a short distance away, and being only two hours ride from Cancun, visitors to the beach will be fully satisfied with their choice.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

This is one of the most popular beaches in the Riviera Maya and it is a top attraction for both local and international visitors. The name means place for turtles.” it is rightly called this since it is one of the main places where large sea turtles visit to lay their eggs.

Akumal Beach has five bays, a cross-section of restaurants and bars, and hotels nearby. Visitors can treat themselves to the sight of diverse fishes and other aquatic animals as they snorkel with the marine life within a magnificent coral reef.

It is a great choice if you are searching for romance, isolation, or fun with friends.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

The whiskered nurse sharks that used to roam these shores are probably what gave this beach its fame. This beach can be accessed either by boat or by using a pathway.

It adds a different dimension to snorkeling, with its many coves that take divers on an adventure.

Playa Las Gatas is riddled with restaurants along the shore that provide scrumptious meals. Visitors can try the signature meal, coconut shrimp, which is served at  Otilia. You can also take a trek to the lighthouse that provides a clear view of the pristine waters and the majestic coastline.


Cancun Beach was a part of the original Mayan settlement and in addition to being a great place to escape, it affords visitors an interesting area to explore.

Cancun Beach has about 14 miles of white sandy goodness. Keep in mind that this is one of the most well-known beaches in Mexico. The untouched coral reef gives scuba divers a crystal-clear view from underwater. Visitors can also go kayaking, snorkeling and boarding, in addition to swimming a few laps in the sea.

The restaurants along this Mexico beach shore will serve you up authentic local dishes.

This beach can be likened to the Las Vegas strip because of its casinos, high-end hotels, and entertainment. If you love having a good time, then you will love Cancun Beach and all that it has to offer.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

The tropical climate and cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta enhance the sightseeing experience, making it a popular town in Mexico. Visitors can go to the Zona Romantica and take advantage of the restaurants, shops, and bars in the old town.

There are many aquatic activities that are available daily for visitors to enjoy, such as fishing, sailing, snorkeling, and diving. The protected coves there provide a unique underwater experience. You can also go whale watching and deep-sea fishing.

With more than just the beach to enjoy, you will not regret spending a day there.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

This is the primary beach on the Isla Mujeres and is renowned for its clear waters and burnished white sand. Playa Norte is the choice beach for families, especially those with young kids. Its calm waters provide safe and pleasant swimming opportunities.

The convenient accommodations, bars, and restaurants along the coast provide excellent reprieve and give you more time to enjoy the beach. Because of its popularity, this beach tends to get crowded on the weekends.

If you plan on spending the day there, it is advised that you arrive early.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

This body of divine water is to the south of Puerto Aventuras. It is most famous among the locals. It is one of the beaches that make up the Riviera Maya and it is oftentimes not overly crowded even in high season.

This makes it a beach of choice for tourists who prefer to relax in solitude on their vacation.

You can get involved in any of the several activities that take place on this beach, such as yoga sessions, soccer, and beach volleyball. Xpu Ha Beach provides a great opportunity to have some fun while you enjoy the clean water that is just inches away.

Local vendors are on hand who sell refreshments, which is an added convenience.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico

According to history, this destination is more than just the average beach. From the 1960s to the 1980s, it was a hippie location. It was known as a counterculture place to visit or a free love center. As such, it attracted hippies from all across the globe.

Zipolite beach gained its popularity for also being the initial nude beach in Mexico. However, it was not mandatory for visitors to take their clothes off.

Today, this historic location attracts a diverse set of people.

This includes those who practice yoga and others who like to ride the waves. Several affordable and high-end accommodations are relatively nearby and can suit your pocket. Visitors can also avail themselves of the bars and restaurants in the area.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

As the name suggests, Playa de Amor beach is the ideal spot for a romantic getaway. It is dubbed “Lover’s Beach” primarily because of its romantic ambiance that is made possible by the Land’s End rock formation present.

Visitors can get to this location by chartering a boat from the marina in Cabo San Lucas.

The waters can get really choppy and the tides are especially rough, so it is recommended that you enter the beach from the Bahia side of Cabo San Lucas. Playa de Amor beach is superlative for snorkeling, and is visited mostly by the locals.

It is not the most accessible beach, but the trip there makes all the difference.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

The fact that it is perfect for swimming and provides a spectacular view of an uninhabited island off the coast makes it one of the most visited beaches in La Paz.

You can let your taste buds go for a wild ride by sampling authentic foods such as Marlin en Escabeche or chocolate clams from the vendors on site.

Playa de Tecolote beach is not as popular as the Balandra Beach next door, but if solitude is what you need, then this would be an idyllic spot to get it. It also has a bar and restaurant that consistently whips up savory and fresh seafood on demand.

Basic amenities such as toilets and showers are provided.

So, all in all, you would get nothing less than an awesome experience by visiting this beach.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

This beach is located at the Baja section of La Paz. It is an extensively visited beach because of its natural Diamond Rock formation, which attracts many travelers.

Bahia Balandra is protected at every angle. As such, that makes it really ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Though it is a part of the Pacific Ocean, it does not bear its chilly waters. Thankfully, it is perfectly warm, and with its vibrant marine life and clear waters, you cannot help but sense a blissful feeling while enjoying all that it has to offer.

Unlike other beaches, Bahia Balandra provides no beach amenities, which is the reason it is not as crowded.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

This is officially one of the best beaches in the Riviera Maya. It was labeled among the top ten beaches in the world by the ​Travel Channel. Playa Maroma occupies two miles of property and it is a part of the Catalonia all-inclusive hotel.

You will feel like you have stepped into a postcard when you visit this location with its calm waters and amazingly soft sand. To many visitors, it feels like you are walking on powder. If you need accommodations while you visit this beach, you can expect to spend a pretty penny at any of the luxurious resorts located nearby.

There are no low-budget accommodations, but it is just perfect for that one-day getaway.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

Like so many other beaches in Mexico, this one sits on the Riviera Maya and it is one of the more popular choices. The beautiful and untouched coral reef makes it an idyllic place to go diving or snorkeling. This Mexican beach is divided into two sections, one exclusively for guests at the Ziggy Beach Club and another area that is open for the public.

Travelers can enjoy a variety of water sports such as jet skiing and paddle boarding. The retail shops are conveniently strewn along the beach, where you can rent items or sit down for a meal.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

You probably will not feel comfortable walking on the limestone shores of this beach, but for those who love nature, its beauty is certainly rare. Paamul is located to the north of Puerto Aventuras. It is not a popular place for tourists because of its hard surface, which requires footwear.

Scuba divers and snorkelers especially love this beach for its amazing marine life and the coral reef, which displays nature’s magnificence continually.

If you want to swim, there is a public swimming pool where you can avoid the prickly ground. Several shops, bars and restaurants can be found in the location just in case you wish to relax and have a bite.


Top 15 Beaches in Mexico​​​

This small island is essentially a treasure of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is definitely a gem that is yet to be discovered by many. It is only three hours away from Cancun, but is a wonder of nature especially for its seclusion and shallow waters, which make it ideal for swimming.

This Mexico beach has not been commercialized, which means that there is less traffic from both tourist and the Mexican locals. If you are looking for isolation and a more laid-back atmosphere, then this is the perfect beach.

There are however, no beachside amenities or resorts close by. Be sure to bring your own stash of supplies.


Finding one of these great Mexico beaches is almost as easy as waking up and breathing, making them worth the trip. There are several that boast of almost sparkling white sands, crystal-clear waters, and incredible scenery of the jungles and the Mayan ruins.

Most of the beaches have resorts and other accommodations on the spot or close by, so you can extend your vacation over several days. These are all great highlights for some tourists.

These beaches will provide solitude to anyone seeking isolation. And for the young and young-at-heart that desire entertainment, there is a lot of that as well. When you vacation in Mexico, you can choose from among the very best the country has to offer.

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