Mayan Ruins Mexico Trip Guide

Imagine entering a world described in books, a world you never thought existed in real life. This is the impression people get when witnessing the Mayan ruins unravel in front of their eyes for the very first time. The Mayan ruins Mexico trip guide aims to offer you a glimpse of this surreal world filled with ancient ruins scattered all over Mexico’s surface.

People visit these ruins for many reasons. The Mayan ruins Mexico trip guide gives you an overwhelming feeling when you first set foot on a land that is rich in history and known for its gruesome sacrifices. To look at an intricate architecture that was created during those times can be an exhilarating experience that proves how complex humanity has been for a very long time.

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Welcome to the Mayan Ruins Mexico Trip Guide

The Mayan ruins Mexico trip guide aims to encapsulate the most extraordinary ruins left by an ancient civilization that continues to fascinate modern historians and history buffs alike. There’s plenty to do and see in Mexico since many important sites have been opened to the public and have been made accessible to travelers.

The Most Important Highlights of the Mayan Ruins Mexico Trip Guide

1. The Cozumel Mexico Mayan Ruins

You should visit Cozumel for plenty of reasons. Its main attraction would have to be the San Gervasio Maya site. The ruins are thought to be the place of worship of goddess Ix Chel. This goddess was the deity of fertility, weaving, childbirth and even medicine. She was associated with the moon. The ruins date back to the Pre-Columbian Mayan era. The Mayan ruins Mexico trip guide is famous for this ruin in particular.

Other reasons to visit Cozumel, Mexico:

  • The nightlife
  • Para-sailing
  • Kitesurfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Studying the coral reef near Cozumel
  • The Cuban cigars
  • The local cuisine
  • The dolphinariums and dolphin encounters
  • The Cozumel Carnival

Who should visit Cozumel, Mexico:

  • Globetrotters (for both the remote and the tourist filled places)
  • Adventurers (for practicing water sports and exploring the area)
  • Archeologists (for the Mayan ruins)
  • History buffs (since the place is rich in history)
  • Families (the island invites relaxation over)
  • Couples (the exotic landscape makes this place perfect for anniversaries and honeymoons)
  • Solo travelers

What You Can Do Here:

  • Practice plenty of water sports
  • Soak up the sun
  • Book a reservation at a resort and spa facility
  • Enjoy the nightlife
  • Explore the coral reef
  • Find out more information about the Pre-Colombian Maya civilization
  • Discover one of the most beautiful Mayan ruins at the San Gervasio Maya site

2. Cancun Mexico Mayan Ruins

The Mayan ruins Mexico trip guide focuses on Cancun since the place has some amazing Mayan vestiges of an ancient, but never forgotten world. The archeological site called “El Rey” (meaning “the king”) was a thriving city during the Post classic period (between 1250-1630 A.D.).

The most important Mayan site in Cancun is El Meco. It may be a small Mayan archeological site, but it revealed some important findings nevertheless. You can find the highest Mayan pyramid in Cancun at this archeological site. The staircase is decorated with serpent heads; the heads being a trademark for the Itzamna architecture. The view here is also spectacular; you can look at the Caribbean Sea and Cancun’s superb lagoons. Isla Mujeres can also be spotted from here.

Other reasons to visit Cancun, Mexico:

  • Its crystal clear waters, lagoons and the Caribbean Sea
  • The world’s second longest coral reef
  • Stunning wildlife and rare animals
  • Delicious local dishes
  • Great weather year-round
  • Affordable, attractive packages for tourists
  • Water sports (like surfing, snorkeling,)
  • Luxurious hotels and resorts
  • The nightlife
  • The white sandy beaches

Who should visit Cancun, Mexico:

  • Couples (for the romantic experience)
  • Tourists
  • Adventurers (there are many off-the-beaten-tracks)
  • Archeologists and historians who love the Mayan civilization

What You Can Do Here:

  • Play water sports
  • Explore the nightlife, wildlife, and sandy beaches
  • Relax at one of the many resorts and spas available here
  • Visit Mayan ruins
  • Try the local food

3. Tulum Mexico Mayan Ruins

The next stop of the Mayan ruins Mexico trip guide is Tulum.  The Tulum ruins prove that the place was once a seaport, trading jade, and turquoise in exchange for other things. Tulum is a perfect day trip for many tourists that stay in Cancun. The former Mayan city overlooks the Caribbean Sea. What is unique about Tulum (compared with other Mayan cities) is the fact that it was a walled city (the reasons why are unclear to this day).

Other reasons to visit Tulum, Mexico:

  • Relax on the pristine beaches
  • Visit Taquería Honorio (one of the most popular taco joints in the world)
  • Pick different private tours for a wonderful experience

Who should visit Cancun, Mexico:

  • Families
  • Solo travelers
  • History buffs

What You Can Do Here:

  • Snorkeling
  • Canoeing
  • Scuba diving
  • Zip lining
  • Turtle snorkeling
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kiteboarding

4. Mexico Mayan Ruins Chichen Itza

One of the most important and popular highlights of the Mayan ruins Mexico trip guide is Chichen Itza. This place is part of the UNESCO World Heritage area, and it is the biggest archeological site in the Yucatan Peninsula.

There are so many important vestiges of the Mayan civilization here. The famous Mayan pyramids, the huge temples, carved columns and the temples designed for human sacrifices can overwhelm any visitor that comes here.

Other reasons to visit Chichen Itza, Mexico:

  • Exotic surroundings
  • Birdwatching
  • Balankanche Caves (Mayan ceremonial site)

Who should visit Chichen Itza, Mexico:

  • Solo travelers
  • Adventurers
  • History buffs
  • Couples

What You Can Do Here:

  • Visit ancient Mayan sites
  • Explore the surroundings
  • Play water sports

The Mayan ruins Mexico are thought to be one of the 7 wonders in the world for all the right reasons. These archeological sites are very important for humanity and history. Only by understanding the past we can build a better future. And it can be impressive and overwhelming at the same time to realize of how advanced ancient civilizations were and how skilled they were when it came to creating architectural gems. Apart from the historical relevance, this area can be explored as a tourist thanks to the exotic landscape.

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