Horseback Riding in Ireland

There are many ways to spend plan for a cheap vacation. A truly unique and unforgettable way is horseback riding in Ireland. As close to Dublin as Kildare or as remote as Dingle, horseback riding is a fabulous way to enjoy Ireland for travelers. The equestrian pursuits available in Ireland cover cross-country and trail riding. If you are a beginner the equestrian centers offer excellent beginner courses and great instructors. The mythical charm of the Irish islands make this country an ideal destination for horseback ridding, which is deeply woven in their culture.

It all started in 1989, when three major equestrian center located in different regions of the country decided to engage in group marketing. Travel to Ireland to enjoy horseback ridding on the historical Celtic trails and take in the history of the country as it unfolds before your eyes. The dream of an Equestrian holiday could materialize under the form of walks through the rugged and beautiful landscape, or through exciting fox hunting. The untamed countryside with its medieval stone walls, endless fields, rolling hills and proud mountains is very enjoyable to explore in company with a good horse.

There are many trails you can choose from :

  • The ATLANTIC COAST TRAIL offers a mesmerizing route through mountains and valleys, along pristine beaches and several historical ruins.
  • The CASTLE LESLIE EQUESTRIAN CENTER is one of the most respected centers in the world and it is perfect for the more experienced riders who can handle their own horse. The location has thousands of acres of woodland and a great selection of horses to choose from
  • If you choose the DINGLE PENINSULA TRAIL you will get the chance to explore exquisite stretches of beaches and the lively town of Dingle, a popular attraction in Ireland.
  • Another inspired choice is the DONEGAL TRAIL which is located in a more secluded region in the northwestern part of Ireland. This route crosses coastal regions and tall mountains.

Several ridding centers also offer exclusive holiday packages which also include accommodations and meals. Choosing a package deal will help you concentrate on the fun part of the trip, without worrying for the organizational aspect of the trip.

The Connemara ponies in County Galway is a very cherished breed of horses. They are very maneuverable and gentle, which makes them an excellent choice for the inexperienced rider.

Equestrian centers and horseback riding in Ireland is becoming an increasingly popular vacation choice for people all over the world, and the beautiful Celtic country offers the best conditions and horses. If you are looking for a different kind of approach on your holiday, do some research and try the horseback experience.

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