Helicopter Ride NYC: 6 Best Deals for Tourists

best helicopter tour NYC

There is nothing more beautiful than gazing at New York City in all of its splendor. Choosing a helicopter ride NYC will give you that panoramic view of the city that never sleeps. Imagine a tour that includes all of New York City’s landmarks. You will also get a better glimpse of the skyscrapers’ architecture and Central Park, too.

Any helicopter ride NYC can make you feel as if you never want to leave this place ever again. The Big Apple might be filled with skyscrapers, but it embodies most of America’s cultures and beliefs, and that is something you don’t get to see every day.

1. Big Apple Helicopter Tour

Big Apple Helicopter NYC tour

The Big Apple Tour is an adventurous journey above the iconic city. This helicopter ride NYC encapsulates some of America’s greatest symbols from the famous Ellis Island to the very definition of U.S.A. itself-the Statue of Liberty. Empire State Building, Washington Bridge, and Central Park are on the list, too.

Reasons Why You Should Choose This Helicopter Ride in NYC:

  • You get to see Manhattan’s Financial District
  • Chrysler Building
  • Met Life skyscrapers
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Other major Big Apple landmarks

Duration: 12-15 minutes

Address: Downtown Manhattan Heliport located at Pier 6 and the East River

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2. Private Helicopter Ride NYC

NYC skyscraper view

If you want a more personalized experience, and you want to look at New York all by yourself, you can always choose the private helicopter tour option. Private tours are very flexible, so if you have other landmarks in mind, you can call in advance and let the staff know how they can accommodate your wishes to help you experience a memorable tour.

Reasons Why You Should Choose This Helicopter Ride in NYC:

  • It allows you the freedom to pick which landmarks to see
  • It also has a predetermined list of important landmarks and symbols of the Big Apple
  • You get all the privacy you want; only the pilot will be on board with you
  • You will enjoy some of the most stunning views of New York City

Duration: 15 minutes

Address: Downtown Heliport New York, NY 10001

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3. Helicopter Ride NYC at Night

panoramic night-time view of NYC

Just try to picture Manhattan at night! All the skyscrapers and important landmarks, statues and monuments are illuminated making everything seem magical. A helicopter ride at night will make you understand the fascination people have with this city and why it is also dubbed as the city that never sleeps.

Reasons Why You Should Choose This Helicopter Ride in NYC:

  • The city lights and the skyscrapers at night look totally different and magical
  • It’s the only tour that flies at night, and it is a safe flight
  • You will get to sip champagne as you fly
  • Comfortable seating
  • Incredible views of the water and most important NYC landmarks
  • It includes a one-hour boat cruise
  • The helicopter fees and fuel surcharge
  • A knowledgeable guide

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Address: Pier 17 South Street Seaport New York, NY

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4. Cheap Helicopter Ride NYC

Overview of NYC Bay from helicopter

Who doesn’t want to save some money while getting to see New York City from above? With only $199, you get to see the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan’s most famous landmarks and the South Street Seaport from high in the sky.

Reasons Why You Should Choose This Helicopter Ride in NYC:

  • It’s very affordable
  • It includes New York City’s most famous landmarks
  • You will see both Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges
  • Hudson River
  • Governor’s Island

Duration: 15 minutes

Address: 6 East River Piers New York, NY 10004

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5. NYC Helicopter Tours for Two

romantic view of NYC from helicopter tour

Are you searching for a romantic helicopter ride in NYC? Are you celebrating an anniversary, a special event or you just want to spoil your significant other and look at the Big Apple from up the sky? There are some helicopter tours designed especially for couples. The good news is that helicopter tour NYC Groupon offers some great deals for couples. There is also a proposal package available for those who want to pop the big question, making this flying experience be even more special and personalized.

Reasons Why You Should Choose This Helicopter Ride in NYC:

  • The perfect gift for your significant other
  • The precious views shared together
  • An intimate feeling is given by the fact that you two will be the only ones on board (except for the pilot, of course)
  • View some of New York City’s most famous landmarks

Duration: 30 minutes

Address: Linden Municipal Airport.

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6. Best Helicopter Tour NYC

best helicopter tour NYC

Comfort and design are of the utmost experience when picking a helicopter ride just to get the best views of the Big Apple. Most companies offer similar packages that include views of the best-known landmarks in New York. This tour distinguishes itself from the rest by having a uniquely designed helicopter that has floor-to-ceiling convex windows. The unusual but effective design offers a 180-degree view. The special experience couldn’t get any better.

Reasons Why You Should Choose This Helicopter Ride in NYC:

  • You won’t enjoy a similar design of a helicopter anywhere else
  • The experience is more personalized thanks to the spectacular views
  • Cool tour narration from a knowledgeable pilot
  • The helicopter fee and tour narration are included in the price

Duration: 15-30 minutes

Address: Downtown Heliport at Pier 6 between the South Street Seaport and Governor’s Island Ferry

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Is an NYC Helicopter Tour Worth the Money? A Final Review

If you are a New York native or an adventurous tourist, this remarkable experience is something you can’t miss. This extraordinary adventure is something you will remember for the rest of your life. If you think about it, a couple of hundred dollars is a pretty good deal for a memory that will last forever.

There is nothing more gratifying than capturing views of NYC from a helicopter. You will discover the way in which New York City is built and see well-known establishments such as the Yankee Stadium, Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Verrazano Bridge from the sky.

You will also enjoy a tour narration from the pilot and learn some amazing information about New York City, understanding even better why so many people love it so much and associate it with the very idea of freedom and independence. With extremely efficient and courteous staffs, passengers will always get their money’s worth.

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