Gadgets for Geeks on the Go

We may no longer need to pack our alarm clock for a vacation because in the last few years hundred of aps have been created. There are a lot of seriously handy gadgets to take with you on your next trip. While some consider traveling a means to get away, some people cannot phantom the idea of leaving behind their laptops or social networks. Whether you like it or not high-tech gadgets have become an important part of our daily lives. The best part is that there are so many items that can make your trip more comfortable, from applications like laser pens, music players or portable heating systems. Here are some must have gadgets for the high-end excursionist.


A very useful gizmo is the very small book lamp which can be clipped onto the cover of a magazine or book. This tiny, yet effective object offers very good illumination. It is very slim, and it is something you should definitely have at your bedside at night. It also has a long lasting battery life.


A photo camera is an invaluable object for every tourist, and due to the evolution of technology, we now have the possibility of taking more and more quality pictures of the places we visit. There are compact digital cameras, line-scan cameras, bridge cameras, even waterproof cameras which have tones of functions like macro, printing, data transfer and great quality zoom.


If you are the kind of person who travels with a lot of electronic devices, a portable rechargeable power pack will prove to be a lifesaver. It is the kind of item that can keep your laptop going if you find yourself in a pinch. It is said that some of them can offer up to 60 hours of power for smaller gadgets.


We have become very familiar with the smartphone, and it seems that, nowadays, everybody has one. And why wouldn’t they ? A smartphone is a mobile phone with superior computing and connectivity capabilities, with which you can surf the web, log on facebook or messenger, use a GPS, take pictures, play games or listen to music. It is truly a nifty gizmo to have when traveling in another country.

These days almost all everyday items have become neat gadgets. For example there are pocket knifes with biometric fingerprint sensors or laser pointers, binoculars with high-definition lenses and many other. Most of them are also very cheap and are designed to make our life easier. From global positioning systems to airline booking aps or pocket maps, travel gadgets have managed to create a solution for everything a tourist might need on trips.

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