Europe Travel Planning 101

Are you considering to take an independent trip to Europe ? If the answer is yes, then you should know from the start that independent traveling is cheaper and better, but also requires a lot more planning. Before you can indulge in the pleasures Europe has to offer it is very important to write a to-do list. There are many things to consider, from creating an itinerary to choosing the perfect hotel and transportation. It may seem like tremendous work, but the more prepared you are, the more fun your trip will be.

  1. The most important thing is to decide where you want to go. Europe has so many countries and beautiful cities, that a decision will be very difficult to make. Some want to visit as many cities as possible, while others consider that relaxing in a medieval pub or having a shopping spree is fun. Either way you should create a list of of possible destinations to compare.
  2. Prepare in advance, and get your documents in order. Registering for a new passport in time is imperative. Booking a timely airplane ticket is also an important part of trip planning. It can be very stressful for some to chose the perfect airline, but luckily there are more and more reliable internet booking services which will help you pick the perfect flight.
  3. Before choosing a destination or a fabulous itinerary you must establish a budget. Some touristic destinations are cheaper than other, but if you are intent on a place already, there are ways to save money from everything: cheaper accommodations, shorter stay, traveling off season etc..
  4. Creating a plot line for your journey is also required. Get excited! Deciding on an itinerary is probably the best part of trip planning. Do some research on the internet, try to find out about all the good places and off-the-beaten track monuments. Before finalizing it try to compare it with your budget and decide if you fit in the budget.
  5. After you’ve decided on the itinerary you can book your accommodations in order to better suit your needs. The earlier you make arrangements, the better! If you are looking for a luxury suite, a room at the Hilton will do, but if you are in search of something a little different you will have to dig a little deeper. If you are a budget traveler there are great options such as homestays, farmstays or house-swapping.
  6. Discover how locals get around in the place you want to visit. There are many bike-friendly cities for example, or public means of transport like tubes, trams or buses. A rental car can be useful if you wish to travel outside the city. Some places also offer rail passes for tourists.

Besides these issues, there are also some last minute things you should take care of. Call your credit card companies, relatives and work to announce them that you are leaving the country. Buy a cellphone which can be used overseas and exchange your money in time. Once you have completed all these tasks you will be ready for your dream trip!

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