Enjoy a Trip to Egypt This Spring

Egypt remains a captivating place for tourists to visit, starting with its rich ancient civilization, and thinking of the Egyptians, the desert area, a fascinating culture or its famous and worldwide known pyramids. Many people believe that a trip to Egypt is manly about a visit to pyramids or a walk with the camel, but it actually means more than that.

When they are planning for a travel destination, many tourists think of Egypt as an extraordinary place to relax, enjoy yourself and experience new things. Above all, the warm weather during this time of the year (Spring season) and sometimes a good special offer including accommodation and transport are good reasons to go to Egypt in March or April.

Nobody can deny and the first and foremost reason to travel to Egypt is its pyramids, the Gyza pyramid complex are indeed a must see and a tribute to Pharaohs. Their construction and placement still impress tourists from all over the world that come to see them. Located in Cairo, the largest city in the Middles East and Africa, the pyramids remain a top attraction in Egypt for visitors who take a walk with the camel through the desert.


Egypt is also about the people that are actually nice, with a sense of humor and hospitality and always ready to give a hand. Without trying to stereotype, there’s something special about every country and, probably, people are kind and welcoming in many places, but the population of Egypt concentrated in the Nile valley leaves a good impression.

Egyptian culture is rich, diverse and fascinating as many ethnics have joined here a long time ago, sharing and offering their own culture. The country is actually an immense cultural mix and in some areas you’ll find traditions from the period of Pharaohs, while in other regions you’ll find a mixture of customs brought by the invaders throughout the centuries.

The Nile Cruise is probably one of the most interesting and unique experience tourists will have. A cruise on the river Nile is a great opportunity to discover the lifeline of the Ancient Egyptians, to take part of its culture and see with your own eyes the history of Egypt. It is a different cruise from the rest you know and will offer different scenarios, being surrounded by golden dunes and sightseeing with Egyptian monuments such as Kon Ombo or Abu Simbel. It is recommended to try short cruises on the Nile in Cairo, Luxor or Aswan or you can opt for something else and experience a night on the board of a luxurious dinner cruise.

Egypt is all about people, pyramids, sunshine, culture, warm weather, adventure, diversity of places, atmosphere food and more other things to discover there.

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