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The thought of summertime usually evoke one image – beaches. There are, however, many destinations where it seems that it is always summer, and they undoubtedly make great vacation spots.

The US has several locations that provide excellent places to indulge in when the temperature rises. After working all year round, on and off the clock, everyone deserves that perfect stretch of beach. Once there is magnificently clear waters, marine life and a day filled with water and sporting activities, it makes dealing with the other stressors in life that much more bearable.

Delaware, a mid-Atlantic state, provides a unique blend of history and entertainment packed inside its boundaries. The beaches there are worth visiting. Therefore, this article aims to introduce you to the top 10 beaches in Delaware and your next potential vacation spot.

About the State of Delaware

Delaware was one of the 13 original colonies when the US broke away from Great Britain. It is the first state to be ratified under the Constitution and has since been coined “The First State.”

This state got its name from the river and bay of the same name, and oblivious to the general populace, it is a great place to soak up some sun along the coastline. It is the perfect place for any tourist considering that the state does not charge sales tax, so visitors can indulge in the local goodies and maximize every dollar spent.

The temperature during the summer averages around 75 degrees. This makes it the ideal atmosphere for perfect beach lounging. This little slice of paradise is just what the doctor ordered, for the playful at heart.

There is more to Delaware than its infamous crab cakes and dumplings.

​The Best Beaches in Delaware

When you visit the beaches in Delaware, you can expect more than what the typical image conjures. It offers miles of pure white sand, with gently rolling waves crashing on the shore.

Delaware is situated on a peninsula dotted with dunes and its beaches are bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Delaware River and the Delaware Bay.

These beaches are filled with not only simple pleasures but also sophisticated fun.

Whichever one you choose depends on your preference and personal taste as well as if you are looking for serenity or entertainment. Regardless of your motivation, visit any of these Delaware beaches for a day trip, or just to “chillax” for a few weeks.

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​Broadkill Beach

​Broadkill Beach

This beach can be found in Sussex County and is very popular. Although a large number of residents occupy the town, it is mostly made up of vacation rentals such as resorts and vacation homes. During the tourist season, guests can rent these homes for weeks or months throughout the high season. This runs from April and ends in the fall.

The beach with the dune, gained Broadkill Beach its popularity.

Visitors can engage in several water sports activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding. This beach receives many visitors. As such, it is advised that you arrive early in order to get a great parking spot.

The Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge offers another option to nature lovers. They can walk along interesting trails and admire the beauty of the local flora and fauna. This picturesque destination is great for taking those moments that will preserve memories for years.

Guests can also take advantage of the refreshments provided by vendors along the beach especially if they want to travel light.


​Lewes Beach

group of people in the river

Lewes Beach, also in Sussex County, is quickly becoming the primary cape region in Delaware. This town has a proud history of being the first of its kind in the state.

This town is very popular among the residents of Washington D.C. and is lauded as a great vacation destination because of its status as an ocean resort. As a beach town, it is littered with many shops, bars and restaurants. The historical sites give the tourists a different way to experience the town, as do the public parks.

Smoking is prohibited in these parks.

Visitors can walk the length of the dock that stretches to Rehoboth Beach and watch boats as they dock during the high season.

Lewes Beach is great for swimming and other aquatic activities, as well as viewing any of the two iconic lighthouses nearby.


Cape Henlopen State Park

Cape Henlopen State Park

This is one of the first State park beaches, which have camping grounds as well as a fishing pier. This is open to the public every day, all year round, and it is suitable for swimming.

It is especially safe to do so since lifeguards are on spot from Memorial Day through to Labor Day.

The Cape Henlopen State Park has the basic beach amenities such as showers, changing rooms and a snack bar towards the northern end of the beach. It makes a great location to entertain large groups of people, as there is a pavilion and a clubhouse that is available for rent.

Apart from the usual sporting activities found on many beaches such as basketball courts and golf, hunting is also permitted during the designated times.

Anyone, who is interested can also take to the hiking trails or view the exhibit and marine aquariums at the Seaside Nature Center.


Fenwick Island

Fenwick Island

This is a popular town located along the coast on a narrow peninsula and is among a trio of beaches labeled as “The Quiet Resorts” along with both Bethany and South Bethany beaches.

Fenwick Island beach can be a bit noisier than the others can. But, it is still attractive based on its natural landscape and calm environment.

Visitors can engage in swimming, surfing, and surf fishing any time of the year. Attendants are posted from Memorial Day to Labor Day as an added precaution so visitors can relax on the beach and have peace of mind.

Restaurants and shops are located all along the coastline, as well as concession stands and gift shops.

The Fenwick Island Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1858, still stands tall and makes for a great tourist stop. The base can be viewed, but climbing is prohibited.


​South Bethany Beach

South Bethany Beach

This is an eccentric beach town with a head count of approximately 500,000 residents. It is one of Delaware’s gems and is thought to be one of the state’s well-kept secrets.

South Bethany Beach is a famous spot for families to vacation particularly because it is right next to the ocean and the bay. It is the kind of place, where families can expect to reminisce about memories of “the good ‘ole summer days”.

This beach is ideal for those who wish to spend more than just a day. Persons are able to rent vacation homes for the entire summer, wake up to beautiful sunrises and fish and laze all day on the beach.

The shopping venues, the golf course, the finger-licking crabs and fish are all additional reasons to spend your summers on this beach.


​Bethany Beach

​Bethany Beach

During peak tourist season when you visit this beach town, you might be in awe of its population size. The town, home to about 1,000 persons becomes like a bustling metropolitan. It gets many thousands more tourists every season.

This is one of the three beach towns comprising “The Quiet Resorts” and offers an extra serving of nature at The Delaware Seashore State Park.

Although this is a very small beach, it rivals its competitors in entertainment, attractions and public amenities.

Bethany Beach boasts restaurants, a boardwalk and vacation homes to suit the standard visitor. Lifeguards patrol this beach all year round, adding even more to its safety and appeal.


​Delaware Seashore State Park

This beauty is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Indian River along with the Rehoboth Bays on the west. It is situated close to Dewey Beach and provides ample attraction for thousands of visitors every year.

The park is six miles long. There are two main areas set aside for sunbathing and swimming. Its waters are perfect for a variety of aquatic activities such as surf fishing, sailing and clamming.

Delaware Seashore is fully equipped with all the beach amenities such as shower and changing rooms as well as gift and rental shops. Two pavilions are located in the park that can be used for picnicking, so families can have a great time for the entire day without having to leave.

There is also a nature trail, which provides a stunning view of the salt marshes and the bay islands.


​Dewey Beach

​Dewey Beach

When you speak about scenes of stunning nature views and an exceptional setting, you might be referring to Dewey Beach. It received high marks for the quality of its water, and it is no wonder.

The surrounding waters are clean and clear. It also provides a sensational spot to go swimming in the briny blue sea.

The beach largely attracts partygoers, but it is also popular for being an ideal location for family outings. There are several condos, beach hotels and other vacation homes available to rent for the short or long term. You can make this trip last the entire summer and enjoy everything that it has to offer, in great proportions.

Dewey Beach hosts a variety of events such as the Dewey Beach Music Conference held every September. Other events held on this strip include the East Coast Skim-Boarding Championships and the Greyhounds Reach.

It is a stone’s throw from Rehoboth Beach and offers a variety of activities including kayaking, nature cruises and surfing.


​Rehoboth Beach

This little slice of paradise is self-proclaimed “The Nation’s Summer Capital.” It is also located in Sussex County and welcomes thousands of visitors from the US yearly.

The beach stretches on for one mile. It is quite safe and is supervised by Lifeguards during high season. During the summer time, it gets quite busy. The bandstands come alive with open-air music and what feels like limitless entertainment.

These festivals, like the Rehoboth Beach independent Film Festival and The Rehoboth Beach Autumn Jazz Festival are all free to the public. Visitors can come by during these events to enjoy high-class performances as well as to mingle with the locals.

Rehoboth beach is also popular among the gay community and has several gay-owned businesses ashore.


​Slaughter Beach

Slaughter Beach

This unique piece of property is very good for visitors, despite the image that its name brings to mind. It is a protected site and a magnificent haven. It was named a sanctuary for horseshoe crabs, so be careful how you treat the little critters when you visit.

Slaughter Beach is also the home of the Milford Neck Wildlife Area, which makes it a perfect area for bird watching. The locals get their fill all year round, because of its serenity.

Beachgoers can have fun combing the beach for seashells or other aquatic jewels. You must, however, be careful of hermit crabs that tend to frequent the shoreline. The beach itself is quite rocky so great care must also be taken when wading into the shallow waters.

As expected, it has the usual amenities for its visitors including picnic tables, restrooms and showers.

​Take a Dip and Rejuvenate on the Beaches in Delaware

Delaware has a history that extends beyond its fine beaches. It is the 6th largest state by way of its population and as such boasts a wide array of entertainment for its locals and visitors.

The beaches that can be found in Delaware cater to the varying tastes of the tourists that arrive. Most of these beaches provide the amenities that facilitate you having an enjoyable day. Others have vacation homes, which you can rent during high season for long or short periods.

Visitors who want a break from the harshness of day-to-day life can find peace and serenity among the beaches housed next to State and Wildlife Parks.

One of the best things about visiting these locations is being able to enjoy the protected species that live there.

You can seek out entertainment, which is accessible from all the various events that are hosted on some of these beaches. These include Jazz festivals and sand castle competitions. Tourists can swim, snorkel, or wade in the shallow waters, or go for a romantic stroll along the miles of white sands.

Whatever your preference, there is a beach to match.

You will have heard of this state before, but not for the beautiful beaches that provide rest and relaxation for the traveler passing through as well as the ordinary resident.

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