If you’re a passionate globetrotter and would like to share some of your experiences with the rest of the world, then we’d love to feature you as a guest blogger on our website! Our mission is to inspire and encourage our audience to discover new cultures and landscapes and dare to embark on unusual adventures.

While this is a family-owned blog, we’ve decided to take a step back from the personal overview and help our readers make smart, informed travel decisions instead.

Here are some of the main topics we like to write about:

  • Tips & tricks for traveling
  • Best hotels in various countries/states
  • Things to do in X country/location
  • Best travel gear to pack on your trip
  • Top holiday destinations (e.g. for honeymooners, for adventure-seekers, for relaxation etc.)

We welcome both personal stories and informative pieces. Whichever style is more comfortable to you is fine by us, just as long as your guest post is unique and hasn’t been published anywhere else before.

Submission guidelines

  1. If you would like to contribute to our publication, please send us your main idea, along with a short outline, at samuel[dot]franke[at]globe-traveler[dot]com. Tell us a few things about your experience and what qualifies you to write on that particular topic. If you own a travel blog or if you’ve published any other articles recently, please send us a few samples, as well, as these will help us get a better understanding of your writing style.
  1. Once your message has been received, we will carefully review your application and get back to you with a response in a few days. If your topic is approved, you may then send us your article. We prefer to receive all submissions in a Word doc format, as it makes it easier for us to edit, comment, and give feedback to our writers. Please send us a short byline, as well, and a profile picture of yourself.
  1. If your article has been greenlighted, you will receive a notification from us informing you on which date you can expect the article to be live. Please note that in some cases, if the content does not match our style or content guidelines, we may ask you to make a few revisions.
  1. Once your blog post has been published, we will send you the live URL by e-mail and promote it across our social media profiles. If your guest post is high-quality and receives positive reactions from our readers, we may ask you to contribute again.

Tips for getting your content accepted on globe-traveler.com

  • Make your article interesting and valuable for our readers. On that note, the title should be the first one to draw the visitors’ attention. Keep in mind that the average reader takes about 3 seconds to decide whether they are interested in what you have to offer or not and if they’re not convinced they can find real value in it, then they will not explore it any further.
  • Keep it original. Here at globe-traveler.com we are dedicated to offering our readers the best travel-related content they can find and, as such, we take plagiarism very seriously. We make it our mission to double-check every single article we receive to make sure that it is 100% original.
  • Your article should be at least 700 words long.
  • Include at least 3 high-quality images and make sure to source them accordingly. Please only use copyright-free images or images that you’ve personally purchased or taken.
  • If possible, include a few links to credible, high-authority sources.