5 Cheap Cell Phone Plans for Traveling Abroad

Everybody loves a bargain, and most telecommunications companies provide a wide range of services, cheap cell phone plans, and products because this is one competitive market, and every company tries to stand out from the rest one way or another.

There are many cheap cell phone plans available, and most of these plans can be personalized in order to better cater for your needs. If you plan on saving money while getting the best customer care and telecommunications services when traveling, the following companies are the ones you should have in mind when it comes to cheap cell phone plans.

1. Cheap Cell Phone Plans No Contract

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If you are looking for cheap cell phone plans unlimited everything no contract deals, Telus Mobility has many options that you can choose from. You won’t get calls from operators to pressure you into signing a contract, and you can still take advantage of some amazing offers from this company even if you don’t have a contract with them.

Traveling abroad has never been easier since Telus offers nationwide coverage for the American and Canadian states that are located at the Canadian-American border. For international calls, messages and data there are attractive plans that send you automatic messages when you are close to reaching your data limits, making sure you don’t get charged extra for your services.

Reasons why you should choose Telus Mobility:

  • No commitment
  • No credit checks
  • No contracts
  • Unlimited messaging (if you choose certain plans)
  • Plenty of flexible Prepaid plans to choose from based on your budget and needs
  • Impressive customer care services
  • Take advantage of some fine traveling abroad plans offers

Pricing information: it varies; you can either pay $7 on a daily basis (if you don’t plan on staying more than a week abroad) or $25, $45, $80 for combo passes that offer you personalized features, depending on your needs

Website address: here.

2. Cheap Family Cell Phone Plans

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The lowest cost option comes from Sprint. If you plan on saving money while traveling, you should give this company a go. The best cheap cell phone plans, in general, can be found here. Most families go for the Sprint Family Plan while others choose these options: 20¢/min., free text, free data up to 2G speeds. All roaming packages require getting a data pass prior to traveling abroad. So make sure you call in advance.

Reasons why you should choose Sprint:

  • Unbeatable offer
  • Roaming data at a reasonable price
  • You’d save plenty of money on a monthly basis
  • Ideal for families that use data on a daily basis while traveling abroad

Pricing information: $15, $25 or $50 for different passes based on your choices and needs.

Website address: here.

3. Cheap Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

senior woman talking on the phone

Senior citizens aren’t left out by telecommunications companies. There are plenty of traveling or roaming plans that they can choose from, depending on what they need. Most senior citizens don’t surf the web, and they’re not into too much texting either. Most of them prefer talking on the phone.

Verizon Cell Phone Plans are specifically designed to meet seniors’ needs, and their offers are hard to resist. International roaming passes are based on your current contract with Verizon, so if you need more information, it is best to call the company for clarifications.

Reasons why you should choose Verizon:

  • It respects the elders and the plans designed for them save them money on a monthly basis
  • There are many personalized plans that offer unlimited texting, minutes or data depending on one’s needs
  • Customer care is user-friendly making the overall experience more pleasant

Pricing information: based on your domestic plan’s allowance

Website address: here.

4. Cheap Wireless Cell Phone Plans

cheap wireless cell phone plans for smarthphne

Rogers offer cheap wireless cell phone plans that include some amazing deals. Anybody can find a wireless cell phone plan to fit his or her needs. There is the back to school plan made especially for students who want to save some money and have unlimited international minutes and data; there is a plan for seniors that is budget-friendly and one for families who need unlimited data.

If you are searching for international cheap cell phone plans, look no more. Rogers also allows you to customize your cell phone plan so as to meet your needs in terms of budget and in terms of services that are offered by the popular telecommunications company. So if you want to go abroad and not pay an exorbitant amount of money, Rogers has got your back.

Reasons why you should choose Rogers:

  • You can build your own plan depending on your needs
  • The plans are very affordable
  • The plans take any age group and any type of budget into consideration
  • User-friendly plans

Pricing information: it varies depending on the plan

Website address: here.

5. Cheap Cell Phone Plans

cell phone plans for travelers

Nowadays, mostly any telecommunications company has some international cheap cell phone plans available. The best thing that you can do is look for reviews online, compare prices, plans and services offered and always check to see if the customer services offered by those companies have good reviews or not. The way in which a client is treated says a lot about that particular company.

Some companies are family oriented while others target a younger audience. Senior citizens are also included in most company’s cheap cell phone plans, so you have to compare companies and what they have to offer in terms of services and features. Most cheap cell phone plans come with other features, free of charge. Travel or roaming plans are more advantageous than getting charged on a daily basis because you will incur extra charges, and that means a lot of money spent while being abroad.

Reasons why you should choose cheap cell phone plans:

  • Every company throws in other advantages and free features included in these traveling plans
  • You get to save money on a monthly basis
  • You get to choose and control which features to use
  • You will receive automatic messages when your usage data is almost over

Pricing information: it varies depending on what plan you want and what company you choose to go with

Website address: any telecommunications company homepage.

Each telecommunications company will have mixed reviews; there is no such thing as the perfect company to cater to your needs, but most cheap cell phone plans make up for the things that most providers need to improve.

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