10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants NYC

mushrooms with filling vegetarian dish

Not everyone likes eating meat, as some people prefer vegan dishes. If you are a vegetarian, then you should check out our top best vegetarian restaurants NYC.

It is true that there are many vegan cuisines out there, but not all of them are high-quality. Moreover, you need to avoid these places and go for the top vegetarian restaurants in NYC.

Probably the most important feature that the best vegetarian restaurants in New York have in common is their wide variety of dishes which meets the requirements and preferences of every customer.

Therefore, we invite you to take a look at our top 10 NYC best vegetarian restaurants.

1. Avant Garden

Avant Garden vegetarian dish

Avant Garden is an East Village restaurant from Ravi DeRossi, and it has an arcadian setting and a chandelier made of branches. This eating place is part of the best NYC vegetarian restaurants thanks to its menu which is based on plants and divided into toasts, cold, and hot plates. In addition to this, Avant Garden comes with a list of natural beers, ciders, and wines. Even if you are not a vegetarian, you will certainly enjoy the ingenious dishes made of vegetables, fruits, and grains.

  • The address of the restaurant is 130 E 7th St, New York, NY 10009.

2. Vinnie’s Pizzeria

vinnie pizza vegetarian pizza

Vinnie’s Pizzeria has been just a Williamsburg small pizza shop until this year when it became famous for creating two enormous pies consisting of a pizza topped with mini slices and a pizza served in a real pizza box. One of its specialties is the Florentine pie made with chopped tomato, feta cheese, and sautéed spinach. Despite the fact that this place is quite tiny, the breaded eggplant and pesto cream make Vinnie’s Pizzeria one of the best vegetarian restaurants NYC.

  • The restaurant’s address is 148 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

3. Nix

fresh kale smoothie vegetarian

The most important thing about Nix is that it is not only a contender to the best vegetarian restaurant in NYC but also a Michelin-star cuisine. Most of the ingredients are purchased from Union Square Greenmarket by chef John Fraser of Narcissa. This restaurant is famous for its variety of cocktails, broccoli pesto, and cauliflower tempura.

  • If you want to try out something from Nix’s menu, then you should go to 72 University PI, New York, NY 10003.

4. By Chloe

delicious vegetarian dessert

By Chloe is part of our best vegetarian restaurants NYC because it comes with many types of vegan foods such as cashew mac & cheese, quinoa tacos, and air-baked sweet potato fries. It is worth mentioning that the cuisine is run by vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli who won the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. When it comes to desserts, Chloe brings forth many dairy-free ice cream flavors such as roasted banana bourbon and kale cookies & cream.

  • If this menu has impressed you, hurry up and go to 185 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012 to order your own dessert.

5. Govinda’s

govinda plate with vegetables

Another member of the best vegetarian restaurant NYC top is Govinda’s thanks to its affordable. Its cuisine combines Western food and Indian specialties in an original vegetarian menu.

  • So if you are a vegan but you still want to grab an Indian bite, then you can check out the restaurant at 305 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, New York.

6. Champ’s Diner

champs dinner vegetarian burger

Champ’s Diner is the perfect place to convince your friends that vegetarian food is top notch. Here, you will find you the best mozzarella sticks in New York. What makes this place part of the best vegetarian restaurant in NYC are the wide sandwich alternatives out of which the Grinder (cheese, mayo, bell peppers, and grilled seitan) and Philly Cheese Steak (same ingredients plus banana peppers) are the best.

  • In case you make up your mind and want to try out these vegetarian burgers, you can go to 197 Meserole St, Brooklyn, New York 11206.

7. Blossom Restaurant

mushrooms with filling vegetarian dish

An interesting fact about Blossom is that it originates from Chelsea and food is just one part of its multiple business branches. Vegan food is one of the key reasons why this brand has expanded so quickly. Its menu is 100 percent animal-free, and it is based on Mediterranean dishes such as tofu marinara, roasted eggplants, tapioca cheese lasagne, cashew cream ravioli with smoked tempeh, and mushroom calamari with Arrabiata spicy sauce. Here you will find many friendly prices, as most dishes are about $20.

  • If this description has convinced you, then you should jump in your car and drive to 187 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011.

8. Beyond Sushi

beyond sushi dish nyc vegetarian

Beyond Sushi is the result of a vivacious and dedicated husband and wife duo who came up with revolutionary ideas to create vegan, beautiful, and tasty sushi rolls. This cuisine is probably the most original member of the best vegetarian restaurants NYC. Besides sushi rolls, Beyond is famous for its innovative dishes made with asparagus, portabello mushrooms, sweet potatoes, mango, and avocado. In addition to this, you won’t find white rice in this restaurant because it has been replaced with a healthier alternative such as black and six-grain rice.

  • In other words, if you love sushi, and you are a vegan, then you might want to go to 229 E 14th, New York, NY 10003.

9. Peacefood Cafe

peacefood cafe nyc vegetarian restaurant dish

Our list of the best vegetarian restaurants NYC continues with Peacefood Café, a restaurant founded and designed by a vegan antiques dealer who wished to send a non-violence message through plant-based tasty dishes. The interior walls are brightly colored and lit to create an atmosphere similar to a natural garden. If you decide to come here for the first time, then your best bet is the temper avocado sandwich, because it has excellent ingredients including cilantro, pickled radishes, avocado smear, and marinated tempeh.

  • The address of the restaurant is 460 Amsterdam Ave, New York.

10. Candle 79

candle 79 peanut butter chocolate chips cookies

Candle 79 is one of the best vegetarian restaurants NYC thanks to its cuisine rich in well-crafted, healthful, and organic foods. Seitan piccata, wild mushroom crepe and Moroccan-spiced chickpea are just three of the tastiest dishes you will find in Candle 79 menu. In terms of dessert, Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bliss received excellent reviews.

  • If you are curious about this restaurant, and you want to try something new, Candle 79 address is 154 E 79th New York, NY 10075.

Final thoughts on Best Vegetarian Restaurants in NYC

We have presented a list with the best vegetarian restaurants NYC hoping to help customers find the ideal cuisine that will meet their food requirements. Even if you are a vegan or not, anyone should check some of these restaurants to benefit from a great culinary experience.

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  1. Vegetarian restaurants are like a breath of fresh air in New York city. Vegetarians have to spend quite enough time searching for quality places to eat so thank you for sharing these insights with us!

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