An Exotic Summer Holiday in Ibiza

Are you planning to spend your holiday vacation in this beautiful place called Ibiza? You can admit that you are already singing “We’re going to Ibiza”, that old song from Vengaboys. Ibiza beaches, sands, parties and a lot of relaxation, far away from your daily routine. You are only a few months closer to your dreaming destination and you know how quickly time goes.

Ibiza may be the place to accomplish all your summer dreams, so all you need to do is enjoy your adventure and have a lot of fun. Time spent on the island will be full of memorable times, so keep your camera closer to catch interesting shots. A summer holiday in Ibiza is a  great way to escape from the town and explore its stunning beaches with impressive views and nice and welcoming locals.

  • This is the right place to relax your body and mind, the perfect location to spend quality times with your family and friends. Ibiza town is the center place is really worth to visit. It has beautiful views, great shops that sell famous designer clothes, as well as local designers with interesting clothes and accessories to purchase. Here you can find a variety of restaurants, most of them having the beach lounge closer and with lots of possibilities, in accordance to your budget. Nightlife spots are also another point of interest for many tourists.
  • San Antonio Beach is an affordable place in Ibiza with diverse options like restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, lounges and many other interesting locations. It is also considered to be the capital for clubbing, so this is the right place for dancers to try new moves. Its amazing and beautiful beaches offer sun, sand and fun with opportunities for fishing, swimming and other sports. 
  • Santa Eluaria des Riu is a vibrant and festive place to include in your travel destination to Ibiza. The city is home for many festivals, celebrations or unique shops. Don’t miss to see the Can Ros de Mala Costa (Cas Buddha) an impressive property, a well designed villa with an amazing  views over the green part of Ibiza. It is nearby San Juan beach and is packed with a large pool, being in complete harmony with the surroundings and the right place for relaxation and meditation.
  • Es Cana is another small yet friendly resort to consider visiting in your journey to Ibiza. It offers a good choice of restaurants, bars, beautiful sandy beaches and a small location especially for fishing boats. Once you get here, don’t forget to visit the Hippy Market.

Ibiza is worldwide known for its famous beaches and this is the top reason why tourists choose to come on this beautiful place on earth and enjoy their holiday vacation.

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