Hello there, fellow travelers! We’re the Franke family and we would like to bid you welcome to our blog. We’re glad you’re curious about finding out a little bit about us, we promise we won’t keep you too long. We’re the traveling family, or at least that’s how we’re known in our native country, Germany. Right now we have our headquarters in Vermont having moved here 15 years ago from Köln.

It all started when our eldest son, Magnus was 18. He had just finished high school and usually in Germany you take a gap year after you finish high school so that you can figure out what you want to do with your life (some kids don’t figure it out and they advantage of that year to live a careless life, but most get a job and do things for themselves to help them focus on their future). He thought about what he wanted to do with his year and two weeks of thinking long and hard he told us he wanted to travel for the whole year and that he would like for us to join him. We first thought it was a joke and that we could never do that, but after giving it time to sink in, it seemed like a good idea. Well, long story short we went on an eight month cruise on the Pacific in a boat that we bought and restored ourselves, The Madame Vetiver. When we came back home we swore we would go on a long family trip every year. Fortunately our jobs allow us to simply fall off the face of the earth for at least a month every year!