10 Things to See in Verona, Italy

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Verona, as far as cities go, it is one of the best places, which would guarantee a dream vacation. This rich haven is ideal for honeymooners or family vacations.

It is located in southern Italy and sits on the Adige River. It rests on a fault line and therefore is susceptible to earthquakes. Despite that small fact, it continues to attract tens of thousands of tourists annually, all bent on reliving the city’s history.

One of its most fascinating charms is that it was the set of Shakespeare’s most popular play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Aside from this detail, Verona hosts annual shows, fairs, and with its giant colosseum, it is a standout location for a lover of the fine arts.

Things to See in Verona, Italy


Verona’s rich history and outstanding artistry beckons to the wild-eyed tourist. From castles to paintings to a trip down the river, you will never get bored or run out of things to do.

Here then, are ten of the best things to see in Verona, Italy.

Arena Di Verona

This architectural beauty rivals the colosseum set in Rome and makes for an interesting visit for the curious tourist. It is located in the town square, so there is no possibility of missing it.

This Arena Di Verona structure represents some of the best of Roman engineering from the past and it is perfectly preserved. It boasts its original seating and exterior arches, making it a treat for visitors who appreciate the golden days of games in the arena.

The arena was home to many shows, such as Roman Ludi, and in its heyday could fit over 130,000 spectators. Currently, musical shows and concerts are held at this amphitheater.

When the arena is quiet, during low season, the beautiful designs are an inspiration for the budding artist.

Castle Vecchio

This historical landmark still stands after being constructed over seven centuries ago in 1354. Castle Vecchio is situated on the banks of the Adige River and acted as the main point of defense during the Scaliger dynasty. Its outward exterior is a true representation of the castles read about in fairytales, with its battlements and guard towers at the front gatehouse.

You can visit the museum located inside the castle walls for an educational trip as you learn about the castle’s history.

There are also several artifacts and original items on display, so you will get to visualize its former years. You can also step onto the bridge that hangs above the river for an even more extensive and breathtaking view. Talk about walking into a dream.

Ponte di Castle Vecchio

This was the longest bridge of its kind, when it was constructed many years ago. It connects to the Castle Vecchio across the Adige River. The bridge has a storybook setting, which features the same design as the castle walls.

They are the same battlements as those at the gate front. Ponte di Castle Vecchio classic red brick layout makes it standout even more against the city’s background. It is hard to ignore and a must see when you visit Verona, Italy.

You can climb the bridge’s flight of stairs for an advantageous view down the river and of Verona’s skyline.

This amazing structure can be enjoyed either on site, or by walking along the river’s bank. Then, you can admire it even more from a different angle.

Basilica of San Zeno Maggiore

This religious building is situated on the western bank of the Adige River, and like most of the structures in Verona, boasts a stunning architectural design.

The main attraction for the Basilica is that it was the setting for the marriage of the fictional characters, Romeo and Juliet. The church has a classic Roman cathedral look with a simple design and a huge ornate wooden door. The interior, however, is admirable with its peach and grey tiles, marble columns and tile-work on the ceiling that is sure to marvel many admirers.

An Abbey also sits adjacent to the church with its own courtyard.

Piazza Del Erbe

In Verona, the Piazza Del Erbe is more than just a square. It is a timeless center devoted to charm and is located in the heart of the city. It is therefore the city’s main activity point.

This diamond shaped space is lined on both sides by historic buildings. You will find the Palazzo Maffei and the Torre Lamberti, which is a unique tower constructed in 1172. An interesting fact is that it was hit by lightning in 1403.

Also, the square has a unique collection of restaurants and cafes, as well as fountains, and common attractions in Italy. Ensure that you take a moment to enjoy viewing the marble statues. And a trip to the Piazza Del Erbe will have you embarking on a mental escapade to early Rome.

Giardino Giusti

The beautiful landscape in Verona, Italy is a celebration of nature at its best. The Giusti gardens, which are a part and parcel of the palace bearing the same name, are truly a display in magnificence.

The gardens rest on the eastern bank of the Adige River and stand in stark contrast to the tiles and marbles decorating the city. It also has an Italian Renaissance design.

In addition, the Giardino Giusti gardens are bordered by a hedge maze.

Inside this maze, you can expect to find eight squares, each with its own unique touch and a fountain at its heart. The care that is given to this beautiful garden is undeniable and adds a lot to its appeal. The maze makes it even more than just a garden, but also a fun place for the family to tour.

The wooded area outside the maze is an extra reason that gives this garden a touch of magic.

Piazza Bra

This is one of the main tourist attractions for the city of Verona. It is the largest piazza that features a variety of restaurants, historic buildings, and other amenities.

The enormous Arena di Verona stands at the center of it all, and with it vast open space surrounding the venue, provides a natural place for picture taking. It is further accentuated by a taste of history as it has as an added attraction the Palazzo Beriberi and the Gran Guardia.

Visitors to the area will especially love the backdrop as they delight in authentic Italian cuisine to an amazing background.

The kaleidoscope of colors resonating from the domestic buildings presents a canvas-like scene. And the balconies and shutters fully represent the artistry of Verona, as do the picturesque shopping areas throughout the Piazza.

The Piazza Bra is a definite must visit for anyone passing through Verona.

Verona Cathedral

This cathedral was constructed in a similar way to the Basilica. But, in its own right is a grander structure that is a testament to Roman architecture and splendor. It was blessed in 1187 and pledged to the Virgin Mary.

The cathedral is one of the oldest religious buildings in the city. And its interior is a sea of fine art, with its tasteful décor that adds to its opulence. The altar has laid out a beautiful fresco showcasing a religious image, with more frescos in the main chapel.

A golden organ sits right of the altar, just inches away from Verona marble columns that are painted red.

This magnificent structure is indeed a small taste of heaven, with its high vaulted ceiling that seems to go just as high. You can visit for a worship service that is sure to give you an elevated sense of pride.

Scaliger Tombs

Visitors who have a taste for the morose and mysterious will consider visiting the Scaliger Tombs, the final resting place for the influential Scaliger family.

In Verona, everything is art, and this tomb is a true representation of this fact. Despite what it contains, the interior of this tomb features marble stonework leading to a central arch lined with pointed towers. The décor is largely gothic by nature, bearing five tombs for each of the members of the family housed there.

An adjoining wall to the cathedral, a special feature, bears a lavish coffin and even a death mask. The idea might be a somber one, but you will get a thrill to find there are no ghosts around.

Casa di Giulietta

William Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ fully utilized the city of Verona, adding to the number of tourist arrivals every year. One such setting was the Casa di Giulietta, the actual balcony where Romeo romanced Juliet.

It is located on the Via Cappello, and though not a fact, is rumored to be the scene shot in the play. Nonetheless, it is a well-visited location, and understandably so.

It has been remodeled over the years, but for the lover of the poetic genius, this venue is a definite must see.

You can stop by the building and view the balcony or go on inside the house where you will be treated to lots of interesting facts about the play and the overall background of the place.



Verona, Italy has truly defined beauty in its purest sense. The city is riddled with medieval and Renaissance era architecture that is magnificent to see and experience.

The attractions are located mainly along the River Adige, or throughout the city at town squares and city halls. You can experience the best that Italy has to offer, from the restaurants to the gardens, and the cathedral to the tombs, each is a representation of ancient constructions with a modern-day appeal.


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