10 Things To Do And Places To Visit In Prague, Czechia

When you think of Prague, what springs to mind?

For many people, the answer revolves around castles and beer. While Prague undoubtedly has some of the best of both those things, there is much more than bricks and barley in this magnificent city.

Blending fascinating history with unique culture, this affordable city in Eastern Europe has built a sterling reputation in recent times for its vibrant nightlife and wonderful scenery, making it a favorite among young backpackers and wedding parties.

Take a trip soon and discover that there are things to do in Prague that you might never have heard of, which can make this destination one of your favorites too.

Best things to do in Prague

View of Prague

Are you ready to discover the crown jewel of Czechia?

It is an increasingly popular place, and when you get there, you’ll soon realize why. Let’s look at the top ten things to do in Prague for your vacation there.

Take a Walk Across the Picturesque Charles Bridge


Without a shred of doubt, this is among the top choices on a bucket list for Prague. You simply can’t come to the city and skip out on Charles Bridge.

This incredible bridge stretches over the Vltava River and is the iconic connection between Mala Strana and the Old Prague. Thirty fascinating, Baroque-style statues flank the tops of the walls, with beautiful arches peeping above the river below.

You can enjoy great views during the day, or get a sense of magic by night, enjoying the sight of the castle lights against the dark sky as you listen to nearby musicians entertain passersby.

Of course, it will be crowded. But what else can you expect when visiting tourist destinations in 2018? Don’t let that deter you or detract from your experience.

Even if you only wandered away from your hotel for an hour to do one thing, then this should be it. You won’t regret it and will surely remember it for the rest of your days.

Marvel at the Magnificent Prague Castle


The most renowned landmark of the city is Prague Castle. This is the world’s biggest ancient castle, and one you should make the effort to see.

Overlooking the river, this stunning masterpiece boasts spires, arches, gargoyles, and architectural quirks that amaze and astound, as well as the nearby St. Vitus Cathedral, which impresses with its twin spires.

The castle grounds and surrounding park provide the chance to stroll around on sunny days and take it all in. It truly is a magical place.

See the John Lennon Wall (and add your own Artistic Touch!)


Just downhill from the castle is Mala Strana. This cute little neighborhood is famed for its cozy cafes and cobbled streets. There is a lot to find in this charming part of the city, but one of the most popular things to do is check out the John Lennon Wall.

Next to a church courtyard, the famous former Beatles member is honored with a fabulous art project, which constantly evolves as more tourists add to the wall.

The Beatles Café close by has lots of memorabilia for fans to indulge in after visiting the wall.

Old Town Square


The Old Town Square has been at the center of a lot of history over the centuries. One of the most notable building is the Old Town Hall Tower, which has stood in the middle of the Old Town Square since its construction in the 1400s.

At the top is the Astronomical Clock, which draws flocks of tourists throughout the day, on the hour, just to witness the huge relic put on a show of dancing mechanical dolls. It may be one of the more touristy things to do in Prague, but it is amusing nonetheless, and an entertaining quirk during a visit to the city.

The views from the top of the tower are truly special, and at a mere $5, it is worth doing when you are in the area. During winter, you can warm up in the square by buying some mulled wine from one of the many vendors.

Sense the Ancient Atmosphere in Vyšehrad


This is an ancient fort on the eastern side of the Vltava River. Dating back as far as the 10th century, Vyšehrad was once home to another mighty castle.

Although that is no more, visitors can come and stroll around the grounds, checking out the impressive Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul. There is also an eerie cemetery and the Rotunda of St. Martin. This is one of three round churches from the Roman era that is in the city, and the oldest.

Visit the Franz Kafka Museum


Although commonly thought of as German, the famous writer Franz Kafka was actually born in Prague. Here, there is a museum dedicated to his works, charting his life and great accomplishments in literature.

Outside the museum, there is the peculiar “Piss Sculpture”, which depicts two men urinating into a pool, which is shaped like Czechia. As unusual and somewhat self-deprecating as this artwork is, it has found a home here, bringing amusement to locals and tourists alike.

Stroll Around Wallenstein Garden


Prague is full of fantastic architecture. One great masterpiece from the Baroque era is right at the base of the castle. If you can pull your eyes away from the spectacular castle, you’ll find the Wallenstein Garden just below.

Here you can find many wonderful statues, a Koi pond, and even a few stunning white peacocks.

While there are other more peaceful and secluded public parks in the area, none can compare to the incredible beauty and view at Wallenstein.

Enjoy the Amazing Beers


Okay, so we’ve discussed the beauty, the sights and the buildings. It’s time to talk about the beer. Czechia has long held a reputation as a country that can drink. They have the proud honor of being the biggest beer drinkers on the planet.

And when you taste their brews, you’ll quickly understand why.

Great bars are dotted all around the city, and while the establishments in the center are a little bit pricey, the fantastic views from many rooftops and balconies will quickly make you forget about the bill.

Moving outside the main center will turn up some great little bars, offering craft beers and seasonal brews in little nooks and crannies.

Enjoying some of the best beer you’ll ever taste in this medieval city is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Prague.

Sample the Great Cuisine

Food and wine

It’s not just about the liquid lunches here, as Prague delivers on a grand scale when you’re feeling hungry. International options are abundant, with Thai, Chinese and Japanese among other cuisines. Italian, Spanish and fusion foods aren’t hard to find either, and then, of course, there is the local fare.

A very popular dish is the Czech twist on goulash. This traditional dish from Hungary get a meat-heavy makeover in Czechia, and you can find great versions of it served up in dumplings in Prague. A hearty meal for a cold day, or just a great snack to absorb some of the beer in your gut!

In recent years, the vegan revolution has developed a strong scene here in Prague, with over 30 restaurants and many more vegetarian places popping up all the time.

Chill in Letna Park


While there many other parks to choose from, there is only one winner for the best in Prague. Families, kids, couples and large groups of friends come here to Letna Park every day, sharing the flat grounds and spectacular city views.

There is a Bohemian edge to the area, with various art galleries scattered nearby. It is the perfect location to hang out in the summertime, as crowds take residence on the grass and picnic benches that surround the impressive metronome in the center of the park, drinking beer in the sun.

Escape the Crowds in Prague

The Crowds In Prague

It’s not always easy to do, but it’s worth getting away from the tourist troves in Prague. While there are great reasons to visit places like Prague Castle and the Old Town Square, you will inevitably face throngs of people and higher prices.

By all means, see these iconic areas and get your souvenir snaps, but don’t linger too long. Prague has a lot more than those areas, and it’s worth wandering away from the masses to discover more about this incredible city.

With a fantastic transport network, it’s easy to get around by train, bus or metro. Once you move away from the typical tourist spots, you’ll find places that you can enjoy in relative peace, uncovering hidden gems and finding your own cute little café or excellent hideaway pub with the best beer you’ve ever tried.

Make your own memories by finding things to do in Prague that nobody else knows about. This place is magical, and it’s just waited for you to discover it.

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