10 Things to Do in Lexington, Kentucky That You Will Enjoy

10 Things To Do In Lexington, Kentucky

Living in the States affords you the opportunity to explore this great, big continent. There are so many natural wonders and quaint little towns just waiting to be explored.

America is as diverse as its people are and you do not always have to ride a plane or ship to have a rejuvenating vacation experience. No, you can simply explore any of the 50 nearby States, right here on the American continent.

Places such as Lexington, Kentucky.

Continue reading as we explore some of the top ten things to do in Lexington, a wonderful location.

Things to Do in Lexington

Things to Do in Lexington

One of the first things that come to mind when you think of Kentucky is horses, and rightly so. This state, dubbed the Horse Capital of the World, is a thoroughbred paradise. However, Lexington, the heart of Kentucky, has a lot more to deliver to its tourists and anyone who is passing through.

If you are not sure about what you can do once you get there, here is our top ten listing of the best things you can experience when you are in Lexington, Kentucky.


​The Kentucky Horse Park

Despite its name, the Kentucky Horse Park is more than just a thoroughbred show. You will be able to enjoy watching almost 50 different breeds of horses trot about on the 1,200 acres property in addition to visiting the other attractions that are on the property.

You can visit the museums or the art galleries. You can watch a movie at the local movie theater or you can explore the working farm exhibits. However, you will need a reservation before visiting the farm exhibits. So ensure you do that as soon as you arrive in town.

Your family can also take advantage of the campgrounds, which feature basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts, as well as a swimming pool.

You can literally spend your entire summer here. There are 260 sites provided for your comfort, and this includes a club lounge and a built-in bar. Book any of the several facilities available and host your own barbecue or party.



​Book a Horse Farm Tour

Going on a horse farm tour is the perfect way for you to get up close and personal with some of the show runners of Lexington. If you are a lover of the equine, then this is an easy choice.

Of the over 450 horse farms in Kentucky, 150 are in Lexington alone. So, you will have your pick of the pile.

Book an appointment or make arrangements to tour these farms in one of three ways. You can make reservations on a standard guided tour, request a personal tour from a private guide, or ride along by contacting specific farms that have this service available.

You might even get the chance to meet famous Kentucky Derby winners as you revisit history and think of them in their glory days.

There are several horse farm tours to choose from. You can also choose to book your own tour. However you do it, ensure that you indulge in this age-old Kentuckian tradition.


​Historic Home Visits

If you want to experience history at its best, then we recommend that you visit some of these historic homes. They were home to some of the most famous people in the region.

The Bluegrass landscape has a rich heritage of being home to a few of America’s greatest historical events. It forms part of the early Americas and was the habitat of the nation’s early leaders in the 18th and 19th centuries.

This is one of the best places to find interesting people, physical remnants of the past, and beautiful architecture.

The town is littered with a variety of famous homes and other buildings. These include Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, The Mary Todd Lincoln House, and the First National Building, all located downtown.

If it is a lesson in history that you need, then you will not leave Lexington disappointed.


​The Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

This 3,000-acre property is home to the largest restored Shaker Village. It boasts 34 homes from the 19th century that have been restored.

When you visit this community, you can expect to be treated with more than just a trip back in time. You can participate in direct classes as you learn about the Quakers. You can also enjoy musical presentations and other events. You will be able to walk along the 33-mile long trail or bring your own horse for a ride.

If you choose to visit from April through October, you are in for a special treat.

This is the time when you can go on excursions on the paddle wheeler along the Kentucky River. In any case, you cannot afford to miss out on this historic village.


Visit the Shopping District

​f you are like any other tourist, then you might want to take home a souvenir to add to your travel catalog. When you visit Lexington, Kentucky, you will not run short of things to buy and do.

Visit the local artisans and check out their handcrafted products, and then treat yourself at a unique and stylish boutique. For the lover of all things retail, there is the largest shopping mall in the state. If you do not quite know where that is just yet, you can book a shopping excursion and see all that Lexington has to your liking.

Before you leave, try to visit the newly established Summit at Fritz Farm for your retail and dining needs.



​Keeneland Race Course

Everyone has a little bit of a daredevil inside, and Lexington caters even to that.

Wager a bet at one of the thoroughbred meets at Keeneland Race Course during April or October during live meets. You can also tour what is one of the most historic and beautiful racetracks in the world.

Your dreams might come true on this piece of green when you wake up to horses working out on the track. Then you can head on over to the Track Kitchen for a taste of Southern hospitality and charm.


Visit a Selection of Breweries and Distilleries

The Kentucky Bourbon is not a myth or just something that is said in commercials. It is real and can be a part of your very own Kentucky experience.

When you are passing through this historic town, stop and visit any one of the four local distilleries in Lexington.

You will be able to tour these locations and learn how bourbon was made many years ago. This is an opportunity, which you cannot afford to pass up. It is very special considering that bourbon is America’s only native drink, 95 percent of which is produced in Kentucky.

It is a source of pride for Kentuckians, and you can taste it and understand why.


Take a Trip on the Bluegrass Country Driving Tour

If you truly want to experience Kentucky at its finest, then taking the Bluegrass Country Driving Tour is one of the best ways to do so. It certainly should make everybody’s top ten things to do in Lexington, Ky.

Drive or walk along winding roads flanked on both sides by lush green pastures where thoroughbreds graze, and where farmlands seem to stretch for miles. You will get to admire artfully designed architectural homes adorned with plank and stone fencing.

Or you can stop by the Visitor’s Center when you are in town and get a map of all that is a must see in Lexington.

You can also book a driving or cycling tour if you wish to see more of the region. That is, if you have the time, because there is a lot of history and ground to cover.


Travel to Downtown Lexington

There is no visiting Lexington, Kentucky without taking a trip downtown. There you will be greeted with a hubbub of activities and a collection of people with the finest southern hospitality.

Lexington is known as “the city in the park” because of its location in the middle of thoroughbred farms.

In Downtown, you will be greeted by all you would expect from a city. There are bright lights, a constant buzz of activity and a comprehensive shopping experience. You can experience fine dining in some of the best restaurants in town, before stopping by the specialty shops for that keepsake you could not leave.

Shop in glamorous boutiques and some of the other popular stores you know and love.

History continues in the park with beautiful offices and landmarks. You are sure to find grand accommodations as well, and you can enjoy the bright lights in town when the sky goes dark.


Dining the Southern Way

What is a visit to the south without a taste of that good ‘ole Southern hospitality you kept hearing about?

So make sure that you stop by any of the town’s more than 100 unique restaurants that can only be found in Lexington, Kentucky. These independently owned restaurants, though they do serve local chips and grits, go far beyond the state’s boundaries in the culinary arts.

They also have a delicate blend of international gourmet meals that could certainly impress you.

horse statue

​All the Reasons to Visit Lexington, Kentucky

This bit of earth, though distinctly known for its history with thoroughbred horses, comes with so much more to appeal to any tourist or local visitor.

Located in the heart of Kentucky, Lexington is the smack dab in the heart of America.

It has a rich history, showcasing historical events and landmarks that make even the humblest of Kentuckian proud. Its local dining spots and tours of the horse farms and countryside will have you easily wishing you could bottle the experience and keep it locked away.

Though these were just ten interesting ways for you to enjoy Lexington, there are scores of things to do in Lexington, KY to make memories.

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